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March 2016 Newsletter

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Whats Bugging you?
Bugs can be annoying and damaging but you can fight back. Identifying a problem before it gets out of control is key. Here are a few common bugs to watch out for this spring in Southern Indiana.

We use trichogramma wasps as a biological control. You will see them on evergreens like arborvitae and junipers. Mid June is the best time to control these,

Leaf Miner
Will show up in spring on boxwood. This bug burrows into the leaf to lay it's eggs. We use a commercial grade pesticide to eliminate this stubborn pest.

Eastern Tent Caterpillar
Will show up early spring, spray or remove.

Grub Damage
Use control methods April to mid July


March 20th Is the Vernal Equinox!
Signifying the beginning of spring

The Daffodil is the birth flower of March!

The daffodil represents unequaled love; the sun is always shining whenever your significant other is around. The other March flower is the jonquil, which signifies desire for affection returned. It also is used to convey sympathy.

EMERALD ASH BORER- It's all around us and has done major damage. Untreated Ash trees will eventually die and may need to be cut down before they fall over and damage property. Fortunately there are ways of protecting ash trees!


What is the Emerald Ash Borer?
Native to Asia, This bug Borers into Ash trees to lay Eggs. The larvae from those eggs is what damages the tree as it eats away the cambium layer under the bark and blocking nutrient dispersal.

How Do I know if the tree is worth saving?
You should consider saving if in a desirable location or next to a building, and if it is in relatively good health (more than half the leaves are still on) Note: they loose the top half first.

How Do I Identify an Ash Tree?
Ash trees have a diamond shape bark and compound leaves. Opposite leaf arrangement. The ends of the branches curl up. Also click THIS LINK for more info.

When should I have the treatment done?
Between April 1st and May 15th 

The Arbor Jet Viper System with Tree-age insecticide has proven to be extremely effective. The Ash borer is everywhere and WILL eventually destroy all ash trees unless treated. Call us and we will come out and help you identify which ones can be saved

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CAUTION: Old gas ruins carburetors/injectors.

Make sure your mower and trimmer is working properly before spring gets here.
he world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." - Edwin Way Teale  
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