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June 2016 Newsletter

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Hardscapes-  Only As Good as Their Base

For garden-type patios, courtyards, and foot-high retaining walls, a 3-inch base is usually sufficient. For more heavily used pavements and taller retaining walls, a 5-6-inch base is recommended. Professional landscapers know that quality hardscape construction is no better than their base.
     As a result, a quality base of compacted crushed limestone is an essential component of professionally installed paver patios and retaining walls. The porous crushed limestone lets surface water flow through and allows for give-and-take as freeze and thaw occurs.
     This climatic fickleness not only causes newly installed plants to heave out of the ground, but also gives rise to stone and block patios and retaining walls shifting and swaying during the freeze-thaw process. This becomes an all-important consideration in how hardscapes are constructed and maintained.
 Indiana is known for its changeable weather. How many times do we hear the old cliché: “If you don’t like the weather in Indiana right now, stick around until you do.”?


Sunday June 19th 
Is Fathers Day!

Although he may appreciate flowers, A good necktie or coffee mug are classic gifts.
Compost Tea

     Our Compost Tea injections is an organic fertilizer process that boosts the health of the soil and revitalizes trees, shrubs, or whatever is growing in that soil. We use a compressed air powered grow gun that penetrates into the ground, loosening the soil and adding oxygen while releasing the tea into all the crevasses. This process creates a perfect environment for beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. The tea consists of water, worm compost, fish, and molasses.  We mix up hundreds of gallons at a time, then transfer it to our tea truck and bring it to you. We find this process to have an amazing result in the overall health, increased root growth, and blooms of trees and shrubs. We have also seen this process bring trees back from the brink. 

Bloomington Garden Walk 
 25th & 26th 

During her Senior year, Debra Gluesenkamp was nominated by Dr. Shalucha, her IU Botany professor to join the Bloomington Garden Club. The garden club was and still is a large part of Hilltop Garden Center, started by Dr. Shalucha as a children's and public garden . As the university continued to drop funding for Hilltop the garden club stepped up and started a garden walk to support Hilltop and kept it going. This group of women are very vigilant in serving and educating the Bloomington Community of the importance of gardening. Now 37 years later Designscape is still honored to continue supporting Hilltop and the Garden Walk again this year.
he world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." - Edwin Way Teale  
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