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Dear Flow360 User,


Once again we have been working hard on updates to improve the service and functionality of Flow360. We now regularly share these updates via Social Media, so do add us so that you're always kept informed of updates and new features. Social Media buttons are at the top of this email.


We also want to hear from you! If you have any best practice stories to share, or ideas for features you may like to see, be sure to get in touch with us! Our email link is also at the top of this email.

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Here is a summary of the latest updates to the service. Click on the images to take you to relevant User Guide page (where appropriate).



1. New option to enter new Helpdesk issues as already closed

This came out of conversations with an existing site's ICT team. They want to use Flow360 as their primary ICT service desk on site and want to be able to log issues that have already been dealt with in order to maintain a complete record in Flow360 but without triggering messages and updates to the relevant staff! Being able to simply log an issue directly as already closed, and set the new 'no feedback' option allows them to do this.



2. New options to auto link documents to Helpdesk issues directly

This is in addition to the facility which already exists to auto link key documents to outgoing works orders, and allows documents to be separately flagged as key documents for Helpdesk issues also which means they are immediately available to in-house personnel for the issue record itself. 


This came about from conversations with users who require a standardised method statement to be attached to all works (including internal Helpdesk issues). 


Any documents linked to the Helpdesk issue are also auto linked to any resulting works orders as well.


There is a further feature to this which is that you can now also flag documents as key documents for specific service requests, in which case they will be auto linked only to the relevant service issues. This allows the catering team to have standard docs and forms that they require and the ICT team to have a different set etc.


3. Improvements to document sharing options

There is a new tab on all users preferences called ‘docs sharing’ - each user can add other contacts to this list and grant, by default, view-only, collaborator or full share ownership access to documents owned by the current user;

These settings will immediately apply to all documents owned by the current user so in one go you can instantly share all documents where you are the owner with any others. If you give them shared ownership access then they can do anything the document owner can do, whilst collaborator access facilitates normal collaborator capabilities to upload new versions etc;

View-only access does just that!


Key advantages:

  • Any user can instantly share a whole set of documents and change the list of people with this global access whenever they need to;
  • Because this is a one-way setting only, one user can give another and others instant access to any document s/he uploads or is the owner of without this affecting documents that that target user owns;
  • The list can be varied whenever required and has immediate effect
  • Considerably more flexible than a simple ‘share with this entire group’ rule would allow;
  • This is all in addition to the current single document settings that control access and collaborators from the document record itself;
  • Documents flagged as ‘private’ remain private - these settings do NOT override;
  • Zero impact on current document sharing, access and collaborator lists;
  • A new tab on the documents record will list these additional contacts who have access to the current document, maintaining transparency of who can do what in relation to a specific document;


4. New options for setting / resetting the requested start date and target completion dates on works orders already issued:


It is now possible to change the requested start date on orders that have not yet been started. Changes are logged as events, maintaining the audit trail and relevant personal are automatically messaged with details of the change;

It is now also possible to change the target completion date on orders that have not yet been started, or are in progress but not yet completed. Again, changes are logged as events, maintaining the audit trail and relevant personal are automatically messaged with details of the change;

Kind regards

The Flow360 Team

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