Flow360 December Update Newsletter
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December Update Newsletter

Dear Flow360 User,

We can't believe that yet another year has flown by! This year, as ever, has seen a number of significant updates to the service and in our final newsletter of the year we're listing a few more we have been working on.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for using Flow360 and wish you and your families a happy and pleasant holiday. We look forward to continuing to provide the very best service for you in 2017.

Updated user guide!

As always, the user guide has been updated and gives more detail:

The Flow360 Team

Would you prefer different info in your list views?

A new settings tool allows you to configure the list columns for helpdesk list, works list, tasks list and works items list.  Along with more column options so you can now choose what you’d prefer to see listed - AND these settings are saved between sessions.

(BTW, did you know you move and resize these columns too? try it!)

Need to know who logged that issue you’ve just been emailed, and when (without logging in to Flow360 at all)?

You will see more information automatically appended to email notifications from Flow360 including the original sender plus their primary contact details. Now you can easily confirm who logged the issue and if necessary contact them directly without having to log in to retrieve the necessary information!

Are you using inspections (and if not, why not) ?

If you regularly use the built-in building safety inspection forms in Flow360 you will now find extended options on the combined building safety inspections form template. This allows you to specify up to 11 additional items per inspection form in addition to the standardised fire and water safety items. You can now, in a single inspection form, set up a combined safety inspection to cover fire, water and security or other items all in one form! 

And of course, don’t forget that these inspections can be scheduled as repeating tasks in order to set up and monitor a full programme of inspections. Find the section in the user guide on inspections for more info.

Do you do most of your Flow360 messaging by email?

If so, you may prefer it that Flow360 simply marks your incoming messages in the solution as ‘read’ by default. Look out for the new personal preference on the messaging tab in your preferences to auto-set all messages that have also been delivered by email to ‘read’ in Flow360. No more ‘you have 50+ unread messages’!

Email confirmation of successful issue/request logging

In response to requests from you we have added an automatic message/email option to confirm successful logging of a new issue, even when actioned in-solution rather than just when logged by email. Now, when anyone logs a new issue they will get a message and email to confirm that the issue has been successfully logged, with a link to the newly logged issue. This option can be disabled by setting your messages preferences to the ‘major updates only’ only option on your messages preferences panel.

Quick find is great - now it’s better!

The quick find options from the main start screen are great for getting to things fast. Have you noticed that Helpdesk issues, works and works items all have unique record IDs displayed on the record form and in list views? 

Well, you can now use these IDs also in the quick find from the main start screen. While we were at it, we also added inclusion of the details field for asset and resources records so anything you’ve added to the details field will also be searched using the quick find - give it a try!

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