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Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to the January 2015 edition of the Flow360 Community newsletter! As usual things are moving fast, so fast that we have not issued an update for quite a while - for which please accept our apologies!

So what's in this edition?

Inspections and forms

Did you know that Flow360 has built in forms for Building Safety Inspections (fire and water), Fire Safety, Water Safety, Meter Readings, Asbestos Inspections?

You can even specify forms to use with user defined standard tasks, hugely simplifying the process of scheduling an inspection and as always in Flow360 you only need to add it once even if you do it every year - simply set the repeat option and you'll never forget it again!

Read the updated user guide lessons here for more detail.

Direct messaging, replies, resends and forwards

A lot of behind the scenes messaging goes on in Flow360, keeping everyone up to date with what is going on but sometimes you need to message someone directly. You could always do that but now we've expanded this  capability to allow you to message anyone directly from a Helpdesk issue or Works order and have the thread of messages linked automatically to the issue or order, becoming part of the history and audit trail for that event.

You can also reply to messages directly, forward a message or resend a message to someone else - in each case the thread is automatically maintained and can be viewed directly from the issue or order or in any of the messages themselves!

Look out for the New Message button on the message tab list to trigger a direct linked message.

And you'll find the Reply, Resend and Forward buttons on messages themselves.


Instant user accounts

Just a quick reminder here to those who may have overlooked or forgotten - you can request instant user accounts for new personal you add to Flow360 and the login details will be returned to you automatically. 

We are always available to setup user accounts for you if you need us to, but the instant options work for many situations.


Performance indicators

Have you spotted the KPI button at the top of the Helpdesk issues and the Works lists?

You can produce statistics based on comparisons of say one week to another, this year to last year, this week versus an average for all weeks etc. And you can do this for an individual, a team, a particular range of activity and so on.
You should try this out - it's a great extension to the reporting options!

Managing users on your site

How do you restrict an employee to part of the site only? By using the user default locations! These allow you to set up any number of specific locations that a particular user has access to and even to specify which one of these should be their default location when adding a new Helpdesk issue (this bit is brand new!)

How do I set this up?
You need to log in as a client admin manager to do this. Then go to any location record, click the details tab and then the user locations tab. Use the button to pop up the dialogue, set the options, choose the people and click Confirm - job done!
Look here in the guide for more information.

Quick release of HOLDs

It's been possible to put a Hold on an issue or works for a variety of reasons. Releasing the hold is now much easier - simply click the change status button, add any notes and click Confirm.

Earlier newsletters

If you are new to this list or did not receive previous newsletters you can view them on our web site by going to

Updates to User Guides

As usual the various User Guides are the place to go to for more details. The guides are regularly updated in line with these (and other!) changes - check it out 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may need to refresh or empty your browser cache in order for the guide pages to update!

If you have any queries about these changes, or would like a quick webinar demonstration of how to use these new features, please get in touch with Flow360 Support. 
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