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Hi <<First Name>>,

It's time for another update! Lots of new features to tell you about - faster logging and sign-off of Helpdesk issues, lost password routines, customising the Helpdesk options and more.

Faster logging of Helpdesk issues

It's now even faster to login, register a Helpdesk issue and logout. This makes a big difference for those members of staff who use Flow360 only to log Helpdesk issues and who want the easiest possible (and quickest!) way to do this.

The default start screen for general users now has a New Helpdesk button rather than the previous Helpdesk button. Any user can also choose to have this option by setting up custom main screen buttons using their personal preferences!


How is this better?
When you click this button it immediately launches the New Helpdesk Issue form - simply complete the form and logout! 

Confirm & Logout option button
To complete the process we've also made it faster to get out again with a new Confirm & Logout button on the Helpdesk issue form - use this to confirm the new issue and immediately logout, all in one go!

To sum up, the process is now:
  1. Log on
  2. Click the New Helpdesk button
  3. Complete the form and click the Confirm & Logout button
  4. All done!

Control of Helpdesk options

Some users want more or fewer options available on the Helpdesk issue form. New manager options allow the primary manager to:
  • disable the Helpdesk issue 'urgency' option for 'General' users
  • disable the Helpdesk issue 'Charge to' option for 'Genaral' users
  • preset a default set of buttons on the start screen for 'General' users
  • set up their own custom list of options for all users to select from on the Issue type drop down list on the Helpdesk issue form. 
Where do I find these controls?
You will find 2 new tabs on the Manager preferences screen...


The general user settings tab allows you to set the main screen button options and the urgency and charge account options


The helpdesk issues tab allows you to specify which choices should appear on the issue type drop down when users are adding Helpdesk issues

Lost password?

This is going to happen for some! You will probably have noticed a new lost password? button on the login screen...


How does this work?
Click the button - you will get a message asking if you want to reset your password. Click RESET and a new password will be emailed to you. Simple as!

Change username, change password

It has always been possible for users to change their own password from their preferences screen. Now users can change their username too!

Where is this option?
Go to your preferences screen - the new button is top right, next to the Change password button. Click the button, enter a new username and Confirm. Of course you will not be able to select a username that is already in use!

Instant logout

We have added a mini logout button which is available on most screens. This means you can logout securely from pretty much anywhere without having to return to the Start Screen to do so!
Where do I find this button?
Look in the sidebar of most screens, bottom left!

New Confirm & Close option for Helpdesk issues

For some Helpdesk issues, there is no need to generate an order - it's enough to simply indicate that the issue has been dealt with and is closed. To help managers do this quickly there is a new button on the Helpdesk issue card at the top right. Click this button confirm the issue as completed and close it, all in one! Of course, messages are automatically sent to the relevant people to inform them of the update.

Where is this option?
You will find this button at the top right of any Helpdesk issue that you have control of.

Getting started guide update

As usual the User Guide is the place to go to for more details. The guide has been updated in line with these (and other!) changes - check it out 
Guide version 2.4

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may need to refresh or empty your browser cache in order for the guide pages to update!

If you have any queries about these changes, or would like a quick webinar demonstration of how to use these new features, please get in touch with Flow360 Support. 
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