Flow360 October Update Newsletter
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October Update Newsletter

Dear Flow360 User,

Welcome to the October 2016 Flow360 Newsletter. We hope you are having a successful Autumn term. In this edition you will find a number of recent updates and improvements we have made to Flow360 to enhance your user experience further. 

Although you have received this email, feel free to circulate the information to any staff who will find it beneficial and email anyone you would like to add to the list to James Betts.

Please also remember that our Autumn webinar series is still active, and the session details and sign up forms can be found in the events area on our web site. 

Updated user guide!

As always, the user guide has been updated and gives more detail:

The Flow360 Team

Messaging signatures

Did you know you can set up your own signature to automatically add to Flow360 messages? Have a look at the messaging tab on your personal preferences - whatever you set up here will be added by default to all messages you create, making it faster to create and send messages in Flow360. Don’t forget that you can also create messages auto-linked to any issue or order by creating the message directly from the relevant issue or order record’s messages tab!

Contact Groups

While we’re on the subject of messaging, a quick reminder that you can create contact groups and then send messages to a group of people at once or even include a group in a communication about an issue, order etc.

You set up new contact groups from your personal home record on the my contact groups tab.

Team management of sets of resources

You probably know you can use the custom data ‘tags’ (on the custom data tab for any resource record - which itself is a sub-tab of the details tab) to set any additional collective information for a group of objects in addition to using the custom data for things like serial or model numbers. But were you aware that you can use this mechanism to facilitate team management of a set of resources? 

For example, you can set the IT team up with an access tag of ‘Deprtment: IT’ and then any resources that are tagged with ‘Department: IT’ can be made fully available to any member of the IT team to manage, regardless of their management status. Flow360 is all about distributing workload and sharing responsibilities.

Linking teams

Also on the subject of internal workforce and team management, there are new options to link teams together, allowing one team to also have access to issues that have been assigned to another team, even allowing team members to reassign issues to their own team where necessary.

Take a look at the linked teams tab on the team record.

Auto targeting of new helpdesk issues

We have significantly enhanced the auto targeting options for incoming Helpdesk issues. The primary manager can now set up specific options for any general premises or site issue type in order to preset the worktype that applies when that issue type is selected. You can even then lock the worktype to prevent it being changed (which might then target it somewhere else!) and set whether dates are required.

You can discover this new option on the primary manager preferences on the helpdesk issues tab. Just click the change options button next to a specified issue type to get the above dialog.

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