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Major Update - Significant enhancements to Email Integration!

Dear Flow360 User,

In a response to user requests, we have been working hard to implement and test a major update to Flow360. Full details of this, and appropriate screenshots can be seen below. We always value feedback, so if you do have any on the new update, or indeed other recent updates please click to email us!

Although you have received this email, feel free to circulate the information to any staff who will find it beneficial and email anyone you would like to add to the list to James Betts.

Updated user guide!

As always, the user guide has been updated and gives more detail:

The Flow360 Team

With the latest enhancements email replies to messages and notifications are automatically logged in Flow360 to become part of the communication record. These can be in relation to any helpdesk issue, works order, works line item, booking, project, or inspection.

Replies to these messages using a standard email client outside of Flow360 are automatically picked up  along with any attachments and linked to relevant objects before being forwarded to the recipient. Replies to replies are picked up in the same way.

For example, if a works order is sent to an external contractor, they can acknowledge this using a normal email reply, and the email would be picked up and put into the Flow360 Thread.

Once they have completed the work, they could once again reply to the original email with any inspection certificates. These attachments are logged in Flow360 with links to them. 

You may have already noticed that emails now carry ID codes in the subject line. It is important that in order for Flow360 to pick up the email thread, these IDs do not get changed or deleted. This also goes for people using a mail client reply. They simply need to click 'Reply' making no changes to the IDs or the address and Flow360 will do the rest!

Replies can also be sent in response to any Flow360 notification message and these too will be picked up. This includes notifications relating to new issues, new orders, issue and order updates, status changes, reallocations and assignments etc.
The process also works for issues initially submitted by email. This enables a manager who received an email notification that a member of staff has logged a new issue in Flow360 by email can reply to that notification in their email client and it will still end up in Flow360 linked to the submitted issue.

Contact Groups

You can now set up and manage your own personal contact groups and send messages to an entire group at once. Access your groups from your personal home card on the my contact groups tab.

Message multiple recipients at once! 

A complete reworking of the messaging processes in Flow360 now allows you add multiple recipients to a message. You can select individuals to add directly from the message window and even add entire groups with one click! Not only that but any replies, even by email, from any recipient will be automatically picked up by Flow360 and added to the thread, ensuring that everyone is kept fully informed.

Message all personnel at once

You can now also message all project personnel at once simply by clicking the message all button on the project personnel tab.

The same thing can be done from any team record directly from the team card.

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