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Welcome to the May 2013 edition of the Flow360 Community Update newsletter! This time a look at some new additions for document management and sharing plus changes to password settings and more. Read on for the headlines...

Automatic attachment of key documents to emails

You probably already know about key documents - these are documents stored in Flow360 that you have flagged as 'key' documents which means that they are automatically linked to relevant works orders. Examples might be asbestos register information, key schematics or standard site procedures etc. Not all service providers pick up their orders through logging on to Flow360 and if they receive orders by email only then these documents were not available to them until they logged on.

Now they are! We have added automatic creation and attachment of these documents to emails as well. This means any order you generate in Flow360 that has documents attached can also go out by email with the documents as attachments. Those contractors who principally operate via smart phones will find this invaluable. It adds a whole level of flexibility in communicating with workforces, both internal and external, and the best of it is that you maintain a full record in Flow360 of what has been sent including confirmation of whether it was also sent by email.

works order with docs
What do I need to set up to enable this?
Just make sure your service providers exist as contacts in Flow360 and their preferences are set up to receive communications by email as well as through internal messaging. Of course, a valid email address needs to be available on their contact record too!

But that's it - once set up you don't have to do anything further - it's all automatic!

Send documents to others

There are already extensive collaboration and sharing controls in Flow360 for the distribution of documents but sometimes you just want to be able to send a document to someone else, by internal message or by email. Now you can do this directly from the document record itself - and it's quick and easy to do.

How do I send a document?
send button
On the document card you will find a new Send button - click this, select the recipient, add a message and you're done. Flow360 will issue an internal message with a link to the document and also send an email with the document attached! This works really well from tablet computers and smart phones too - no need to download the document or have it available on your device - just go to the document record and click Send.

More secure passwords

Secure access to online solutions becomes ever more important to our daily lives and to maintain this security passwords need to be strong! All Flow360 users can of course set their own passwords but there are new restrictions on what will be accepted as a strong password - no, you can't use 'password' or '123'!

What are the minimum password requirements?
password dialog

See this screen shot for minimum requirements. We recommend users adopt the use of a password manager on their computers if they are struggling to manage increasing numbers of increasingly complex passwords - you'll be glad that you did!

Full order line item details in emails and messages 

We have greatly improved the level of detail in works order emails and messages - now you will see full details of all line items with priorities, target dates, complete task breakdown (including methodology where applicable). Couple this with the emailing of documents and you can get everything you need by email when necessary and you still have that complete record in Flow360.

works message

Direct access to My Reports and My Helpdesk from your home card

You may know that you can fully customise the buttons on the front screen of Flow360 from your personal preferences setup. But how do you access your saved reports and your helpdesk issues list of you've decided to not have these buttons on the front screen?

home tabs
Answer: go to your personal Home card and you will find new tabs labelled 'my reports' and 'my helpdesk' - these will always be available even if you take the buttons off the start screen!

Link to your own web site from your logo

Flow360 can be customised with your own organisation or company logo instead of the standard Flow360 logo. Now you add a direct URL link so that when your users click the logo they go to your own web site

How do I set this up?
You need to log in as a client admin user or a provider admin user to do this for your organisation. Then go to your organisation preferences and click the tab marked Logo. You will see a URL field - enter your web site address here - job done!

Earlier newsletters

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User guides updates

As usual the various User Guides are the place to go to for more details. The guides are regularly updated in line with these (and other!) changes - check it out 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may need to refresh or empty your browser cache in order for the guide pages to update!

If you have any queries about these changes, or would like a quick webinar demonstration of how to use these new features, please get in touch with Flow360 Support. 
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