Flow360 April 2016 Newsletter - Update 2
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April Newsletter

Dear Flow360 User,

As promised, here is the 2nd update email from Flow360 outlining the remaining updates which have been completed recently.

Have you noticed? As part of our continual monitoring and improvement we have made changes resulting in significant speed improvements in many areas - you should be seeing things happen faster!  Feedback is nice - if you like the changes we are making or have suggestions for further enhancements do let us know!

As ever, we have also updated the User Guide with these additions.

Although you have received this email, feel free to circulate the information to any staff who will find it beneficial and email anyone you would like to add to the list to
James Betts.

The Flow360 Team
Further Updates!

New mini messages buttons on start screen

We’ve added a new mini messages button to all start screen layouts to ensure that you can always access your messages even if you opt to not have the Messages button as one of your main buttons!

Too much information? Too many messages?

Normally messages and emails are sent whenever an issue is updated but not everyone needs to receive all the minor update messages - they just need to know when something is completed. Now a new user level preference allows each user to specify whether they want to receive all updates or just the major ones. Choose between all updates or major updates only.


Find this new setting on the user preferences messaging tab.

Restrict global searches to a specific resource level

The super search button on resource lists allows you to search across all resource levels at once, so a search for say ‘boiler’ will find boilers as objects in rooms in addition to boiler rooms - they both have ‘boiler’ in their name. What if you want to ONLY find actual boilers, not rooms as well? 

Now you can! - on the resource tab on the filters panel you can specify which resource level you want the search to apply to. To find ONLY boilers, set this option to ‘item’ level and put ‘boiler’ in the resource name field on the general tab, then click the find button - voila!

Control automatic status updates for repeat tasks

Until now, when you sign off a works order as complete, all linked tasks that will repeat have their status also set to signed-off. This is so you can see easily from the list of tasks which tasks have completed and signed-off.

However, for those tasks that will still repeat it can be more useful for the status to reset immediately to ‘ready’ so you can see that they are OK for the next repeat.

You can now control this behaviour using a new Manager setting on the main manager tab in preferences - choose between auto reset to ‘signed-off’ or ‘ready’, whichever suits you better!

Staff getting too many notifications in the night?

Managing large sites continues 24 hours a day, so issues are logged at any time but this is not good for work/life balance - wouldnt it be nice if the external notifications by email and SMS could be restricted to working hours only?

We’ve added options to allow you to control this: on the employees tab in the client admin preferences you can specify standard employee contract defaults including standard working hours and you do the same for an individual employee on their employement contract record. If you want to restrict messages to inside working hours only, set the quiet times setting either to ‘outside employee work day’ or ‘outside employer work day’. If email /SMS messages are triggered outside of working hours for that individual they will be stored and delivered at the start of the next work day.

Working hours for teams

Linked to the previous item you can also set up working hours for teams on a team by team basis to ensure that team emails are not sent outside team working hours but are held back until the next period.

You’ll find this on the team setup tab for all teams.

New report options

As a direct response to a request from a Flow360 user we've added 2 new report options which we hope other users will also find useful.

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