Flow360 April 2016 Newsletter
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April Newsletter

Dear Flow360 User,

We're still constantly  striving to add improvements and enhancements to the service and we have added a significant number of updates recently, so we're going to spread the news over 2 emails to avoid information overload!

Below is the first set, and we'll send another email next week outlining the remaining ones. 

As ever the User Guide has been updated to reflect these changes. 

We also have some Flow360 Workshops coming up. These can be seen by
clicking here and when available, booking links will allow you and your colleagues to secure a place if these are of interest - please do also share these with colleagues from other schools if you feel appropriate.

Although you have received this email, feel free to circulate the information to any staff who will find it beneficial and email anyone you would like to add to the list to
James Betts.

The Flow360 Team
Latest Updates!

New start screen layout options for all users

Some users, especially those new to Flow360 or who use it only to log issues prefer a simplified start screen. Others, who use Flow360 day in, day out to manage their sites need more button options than allowed for by the standard 9 button layout.

So we have 2 new start screen layout options for you - a ‘simple’ option with up to 3 big buttons arranged vertically and a ‘pro’ option with up to 12 buttons in a grid.

New preferences settings allow all users to specify which layout they would like to use in addition to being able to specify exactly which buttons they want available. We’ve also added a new mini messages button to all start screen layouts to ensure that you can always access your messages even if you opt to not have the Messages button as one of your main buttons!

Find this new setting on the main start options tab in preferences.

Managers can now push the simple layout to ‘General’ staff users by default

A new manager level preference allows you to ensure that General users will see the ‘simple’ 3 button start screen option by default - and you can specify which those 3 buttons are (or even limit it to just 1 or 2 buttons!). Remember each user can override this if they want to, but it allows you to ensure the simplest options for new users in particular.

Find this new setting on the Manager’s general / helpdesk settings tab in preferences.

Rename the start screen buttons

Some users have said they would prefer different text options for some of the start screen buttons - so we’ve added a new preferences that enable Managers to specify their own text for use with the New Helpdesk, Helpdesk and Sites/My Site buttons - these labels will apply to users on any and all sites where they are the primary manager.

Find this new settings also on the Manager’s general / helpdesk settings tab in preferences.

Better guidance for logging new issues and requests

In order to ensure that users can quickly check that they have provided enough information when logging a new issue or request, any section of the form that is incomplete will have a red outline, clearly focussing attention on that part of the form.
Once the minimumm required information has been entered the red outline disappears. In addition, the Confirm button will now not show at all until the minimum level of information has been entered.

When do you want the status of an open issue to update?

You will know that update messages and emails are generally sent when an issue’s status is updated from ‘open’ to ‘in progress’. Normally this does not happen until an actual instruction is issued to proceed with the issue, but it can be useful to be able to specify that that status update (and the sending of update messages) occurs earlier, when any key information relevant to the issue is changed. This includes changes to target date, priority or manual changes to status.

A new Manager preference allows you to control this, and you’ll find the setting on the  Manager’s general / helpdesk settings tab in preferences.

New control for username and password formats

Different groups of users like to have different standard formats for login names and default passwords. You can now set these options up yourself and they will apply to any user accounts that you specifically set up for new user on your site/s.

Login names can be any of the above options.

Passwords can be auto-generated or you can apply a fixed password which will have to be changed by each user when they log in for the first time.

All of this simplifies the process of getting new users on board and up and running smoothly.

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