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Flow360 continues to grow and develop, often in response to requests and comments from you, our users. This periodic newsletter brings you important information about recent changes that we think you would like to know about. Although we publish update information regularly on our website and in our tumblr blog we will use this mechanism to keep users informed of important changes. You might like to ensure that your spam filter is set to allow these updates through!

Room redecorations

In many cases you can end up with a number of individual redecoration items that you would like to consolidate into a single room redecoration for the sake of simplicity. Now there is an easy way to do this in one quick operation. Here's how....

When you look at the tasks tab on a room record you will see a new paintbrush button. Simply click this button and you will be able to replace all currently inactive individual redecoration tasks with a single room redecoration task.

The only thing you need to do in advance is to set up a standard room redecoration task for your site. The user guide has a new lesson that will show you how to do this in more detail.

That's all there is to it!

SoftFM / service tasks

You may well have noticed a new tab called 'service tasks' recently on your standard tasks list. As the name suggests, this list will show all your client level or site level standard service tasks.


Now we have added additional options that will allow users to request specific options when requesting a service. For instance it could allow them to make specific food or beverage choices when requesting a catering service. These new options are easily set up and allow you to use Flow360 for all of these day to day service requests, providing a single mechanism for the logging of reactive maintenance issues and service requests.

What are SoftFM or service tasks?

These are things like cleaning, catering, portering or general housekeeping tasks as opposed to planned ro reactive maintenance tasks which generally come under the heading of HardFM.

Select  multiple records in list views

There are some operations where being able to select a set of records from a list without having to run a new filter would be really useful. Sometimes you simply want to omit some records from the current set before creating a report, sometimes you want to isolate a set of records before performing an update - say you want to change the due date on a set of tasks for instance.

Well, now you can!

All lists that have this new option also have a new multi omit button that looks like this ...

Any list that has this button allows you to select multiple records - simply click on the first record you want to select, then either SHIFT-CLICK on the last record in order to select all records in between or use CMD-CLICK to select multiple individual records, onr after another. All selected records will be highlighted in orange.


Now you use that new button - click the multi omit button to omit the selected records from the list or user ALT-CLICK to omit all the other records, levaing with just the selected records. Remember that omitting a record does not delete it, it just removes it temporarily from the list, so it's perfectly safe!

Try it out - we think you'll find it very useful.

New quick action task options

Ever need to add a quick action task - like 'Redecorate' or 'Service' without going to the full list of standard tasks? This has alwasy been an option when adding new survey data. Now you can do it from the standard 'Add task' button.

new task form

The new option looks very like the from you see when adding new survey data - the quick action options are in the green section. Just select the required action from the drop down, set the priority, estimate of cost, due date and repeat interval and click Confirm - all done!

Alarms, alarms!

You're not always in front of Flow360 - what if you need to be reminded of something when you're away?

Alarms allow to set up an advance warning which will trigger a message and send you an email at the relevant date and time. You can attach an alarm to a lease review, break or end date. You can also attach alarms to any custom data item that has a date attached - for instance an insurance expiry date.

Where do I find this new option?
Look for the new alarm icon next to dates - if the icon is there you can set an alarm!

See the Guide for more details:
Setting alarms

More ways to find stuff

It's very useful to be able to make notes about things and the Note events in Flow360 allow to do just that. But what if you want to locate a set of objects based on note text alone? Now you can - when looking for resources, the filter panel has a new field called 'note text'. Enter part of the string of text and click the Filter button - you will be presented with a list of resources that have the text string in an attached note!

Restoring filter settings

It's now easier to work with filters and filtered sets of records. Use ALT-CLICK on the FIND button to restore the last set of filter criteria used on the current form. You can now also Restore a filtered set even if you've moved away from the form and come back to it!

See the Guide for more information and a step through:
Restoring filter criteria
Restoring a filtered set

Getting started guide update

The online guide has been updated in line with these changes - check it out 
Guide version 1.9.9
Release date 22/5/2012

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may need to refresh or empty your browser cache in order for the guide pages to update!

If you have any queries about these changes, or would like a quick webinar demonstration of how to use these new features, please get in touch with Flow360 Support. 
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