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This update has information about changes to Flow360 that we would like to inform you about. Although we publish update information regularly on our website and in our tumblr blog we will use this mechanism to keep users informed of important changes. You might like to ensure that your spam filter is set to allow these updates through!

Employee teams and team leaders

Last time we told you about enhancements to the Flow360 Helpdesk and logging of service requests (Soft FM). We wanted to give you a little more information about how you monitor issues for specific areas and how you can provide individuals with an oversight role that allows them to see all activity in their area (i.e. ICT support services) without allowing access to all other areas (such as general maintenance).

Take the scenario where Liz is the ICT Coordinator whilst Mark is the ICT Helpesk Manager and Joe is an ICT Technician. All three are identified in Flow360 as members of the ICT team, and Liz is identified as the team leader. Any issues logged on the Helpdesk that are for ICT Services will automatically be delivered to Mark. He can then decide what needs to be done and if necessary issue a works order, either to an off-site service provider or to someone on the in-house team such as Joe.

The question is, Who see what?
  • Liz: as the ICT team leader, she has access to all ICT issues on the Helpdesk and all ICT issues on works orders and scheduled tasks;
  • Mark: as the ICT Helpdesk Manager, Mark has access to all ICT issues on the Helpdesk and those ICT issues on works orders that he has issued;
  • Joe: has access only to those ICT issues on works orders that have been passed specifically to him.
So, Liz can keep an overview of what is going on, whilst allowing Mark to field the issues on a day to day basis whilst Joe gets on with the work passed on to him.

Obviously the same principles apply to all other services such as cleaning, catering, portering or grounds services.

Read more: The user guide has been updated with information on setting up employee teams and identifying the team leader. Start here

Simple sign-off of Helpdesk issues

Often it is not necessary to issue a works order for a simple Helpdesk issue. You just want to be able to sign it off as done. Well, you can!

On the Helpdesk event card, simply click the change button next to the status box. Select 'closed' from the drop down in the dialog and add any further details to the notes field. When you click the Confirm button, the Helpdesk issue will be closed along with any linked tasks or works and the appropriate messages will be sent as usual.

Find objects super fast!

This is a reminder - don't forget the quick find facility from the main start screen in Flow360 - it is much faster than navigating down through the site!

To jump to a specific room or object record, all you have to do is click into the text entry box under the main Sites button, type in part of the location or object name and tap Return or Enter. If you've been precise enough with your search term you will be taken sirctely to the relevant record. If there are a number of matches for you serach term you will be presented with a list of objects and locations that match. Click the Goto button on the relevant row to go straight to the object record.

This facility is now available to all users (yes, even General site users) so all staff will be able to jump quickly to any location to check details or log a new Helpdesk issue.

Set start date for new orders

When you send a new order, the dialog asks you to enter the requested start date in addition to any target date that is required. You will notice a new button on this dialog that allows you to instantly set the requested start date to the current date and time - useful for those orders that simply need to be implemented as soon as possible!

On the dialog, just click the change button next to the requested start date box to set the date to today and the start time to 10 minutes from now. Finally click Confim to continue - fast and easy!

Getting started guide update

The online guide has been updated in line with these changes - check it out

If you have any queries about these changes, or would like a quick webinar demonstration of how to use these new features, please get in touch with Flow360 support. 
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