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Seeking Part-time Inventory Specialist

Greg Kofford Books is seeking a part-time Inventory Specialist in our Sandy, UT office. The position will begin in mid-August and will offer flexible hours. In addition to managing inventory and fulfilling orders from retail stores and individual customers, the Inventory Specialist also has light accounting duties and assists with other projects for the press as needed, such as with marketing or production.

This position is great for university students or anyone looking for flexible, part-time work. Training will be provided. This position is a great, entry-level way to gain experience in the business of publishing. If interested, please send your resume to
This volume is about Latter-day Saints learning from Jews and the Jewish experience. This book is unique. It is not a traditional interfaith dialogue where the goal is to learn from each other. Rather, Latter-day Saints seek to give Jews the microphone, so to speak, and let them talk about themselves on their own terms. Only then do Latter-day Saint respond, and not with the goal of establishing areas of agreement or disagreement but as an opportunity to learn from Jews. This book turns to the wisdom of Jews and Judaism to inform, inspire, and enhance the lived religious experience of Latter-day Saints. (Check out a Sample Preview)


Adam, Eve, the Book of Moses, and the Temple: The Story of Receiving Christ’s Atonement

By Bruce C. Hafen and Mary K. Hafen @ Interpreter Foundation

The authors begin by highlighting the importance of Book of Moses research that has discovered plausible findings for its historicity, rendering it at least reasonable to give the benefit of the doubt to sacred premises — even if, ultimately, the choice of premises is just that, a choice. Emphasizing the relevance of the Book of Moses to the temple, they note that the Book of Moses is not only an ancient temple text, but also the ideal scriptural context for a modern temple preparation course. Going further, the authors address an important question raised by some who have asked: “Since Christ is at the center of the gospel, why doesn’t the temple endowment teach the story of the life of Christ? What’s all this about Adam and Eve?” The answer given in detail in the paper is as follows: “The story of the life of Christ is the story of giving the Atonement. And the story of Adam and Eve is the story of receiving the Atonement. Their story is our story, too.”

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Dialogue Gospel Study #46 with Kimberly Applewhite Teitter

By Dialogue Journal

Kimberly Applewhite Teitter, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in the Salt Lake City area. She is featured in the latest volume of “Why I Stay: Contemporary challenges of discipleship,” edited by Bob Rees. Kimberly serves as a bishop’s wife and Assistant Director of Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir. She is also a proud mother of two daughters.

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Available through Greg Kofford Books, Amazon, and Deseret Book

“This is Elias”

By Chad Nielsen @ Times and Seasons

In both the Vision studied recently (D&C 76) and the first revelation studied this week (D&C 77) there is a mysterious figure referenced as Elias.  Throughout the remainder of his ministry, Joseph Smith would use this name-title to refer to individuals who served as forerunners with preparatory or restorative responsibilities.  But, at times, it also seemed as though he had a specific individual in mind, possibly drawing on references to the name Elias used in the King James Version of the New Testament.  Who was this person?  How did Joseph Smith understand his role?

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