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The Anatomy of Book of Mormon Theology, Volumes One and Two

Few scholars of the Book of Mormon have read this volume of scripture as closely and rigorously as Joseph M. Spencer. And of those, none have devoted as much time and effort as he to a theological reading of that sacred text—that is, as Spencer writes, “how it might shape responsible thinking about questions pertaining to the life of religious commitment” (p. 173.)

The Anatomy of Book of Mormon Theology divides into two volumes exploring and thinking about these pertinent questions. Each concerns a different part of the defense of the claim that theology is and ought to be particularly important for Book of Mormon studies. In this first volume, Spencer gathers early essays in which he gestures toward theological interpretation without knowing how to defend it; essays about why theology is important to Book of Mormon scholarship and how to ensure that it does not overstep its boundaries; and essays that do theological work on the Book of Mormon in relatively obvious ways or with relatively traditional topics. The last category of essays divides into two subcategories: essays specifically on the central theological question of Jesus Christ’s atonement, as the Book of Mormon understands it; and essays on a variety of traditional theological topics, again as the Book of Mormon understands them.

Available November 16, 2021, in paperback and ebook

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Lucy Harris Didn't Steal the Lost 116 Pages? A Talk with Don Bradley

By Mormon Book Reviews

Evangelical Steven Pynakker has an in-person conversation with scholar Don Bradley author of The Lost 116 Pages: Reconstructing the Book of Mormon's Missing Stories. We discuss the process of recovering and reconstructing the missing stories of the BOM. What message did God write on the temple wall for Aminadi to translate? Did devout Quaker Lucy Harris really destroy the manuscript? And were Nauvoo-era Temple practices in the missing pages? This is part 1 of our conversation. Part 2 is an intimate conversation of Don's faith journey from Atheism back to Mormonism. That episode will debut on Oct. 15th. Special thanks to Rick Bennett of Gospel Tangents for filming and editing these episodes!

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Call for Papers: D. Michael Quinn: The Life and Times of a Mormon Historian


Few figures in the development of Mormon studies during the late-twentieth century are more significant than D. Michael Quinn. Educated at Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, and Yale University, Quinn was among scholars who revisited and revised the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He worked as a researcher under Church Historian Leonard Arrington and produced a series of significant works emblematic of the New Mormon History. At times Quinn’s work sparked backlash, and his identity as queer, Chicano, and independent put him at odds with his surrounding culture. His controversial scholarship and activities led, first, to his forced resignation as a full professor at BYU and then, later, to his excommunication from the church. 

Quinn’s legacy has only grown with time. His many articles and books continue to inform and influence scholarship today. The Mormon studies community mourned when he passed on April 21, 2021, at the age of seventy-seven.

We will hold a one-day conference examining the life and legacy of D. Michael Quinn on March 25, 2022, at the University of Utah. Sessions will explore both his experiences as a historical figure as well as his impact on historiography. 

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Oct 22–23 John Whitmer Historical Association 48th Annual Conference [Digital]

Mar 11–12 Church History Symposoum, Provo and SLC, UT
Mar 25 Conference on the Legacy of D. Michael Quinn, SLC, UT
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