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Under a Leafless Tree: The Story of Helga Meyer, a Mormon Girl from East Prussia

Featured in the forthcoming Saints, Volume 3

Imagine if the world you grew up in ceased to exist. In her own words, Helga Meyer tells of the disintegration of her hometown in Tilsit, East Prussia. From an idyllic childhood to persecutions for her curious, new faith, to the challenge of saluting Nazi troops while quietly befriending Jews, and suffering wounds in one of many, daily bombing raids, Helga reveals intimate details about coming of age in a world that is quickly falling apart.

Too soon, Helga’s teenaged friends, brothers and cousin are facing death in the bitter fields of France and Russia. Amidst fellow refugees, Helga finds her natural optimism challenged by increasing and very personal heartbreak. Alone in a foreign land, Helga struggles to find refuge and braver still, a chance at romance. Led by a prophetic dream, she devises a means of escape in order to begin a new life in America.

Revealing previously unknown details of women’s experiences during World War II and the lives of early Latter-day Saints in East Prussia and East Germany, this engaging account promises to be a valuable addition to the growing collection of World War II memoirs. A richly layered story, weaving together both personal and historically significant events, Under a Leafless Tree is an unforgettable, true story that stays with the reader.

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Framing the Book of Abraham: Presumptions and Paradigms

By Stephen O. Smoot @ Interpreter Foundation

At first glance, the Book of Abraham would hardly appear to warrant much, if any, apprehension; after all, the book occupies a meager fourteen pages (five chapters) in the current edition of the Pearl of Great Price as canonized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But looks, as the saying goes, can be deceiving, and popular prejudice notwithstanding, the Book of Abraham has proven both resilient and, in some ways, elusive. Hugh Nibley wisely warned us a generation ago that the road ahead for anybody wishing to assess the origin and nature of the Book of Abraham by academic means is daunting. “Consider for [Page 264]a moment the scope and complexity of the materials with which the student must cope if he would undertake a serious study of the Book of Abraham’s authenticity,” wrote Nibley in 1968.

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God’s Many Voices — A Conversation with Michael Wilcox

By Faith Matters

This week, we were honored to bring back Michael Wilcox for one of the most spiritually-enriching discussions we’ve ever had. We’ve discovered just how well-versed he is in all world religions, not just in Latter-day Saint theology.

This episode will be coming in two parts. In this first part, Brother Wilcox explains why it is that he’s spent so much time with the ideas and in the holy books of other religions. In his words: “God has been speaking to his children all the time. Every way he can, everywhere…I can hear (his voice in) the voice of a sage, or a philosopher or a poet or playwright. God’s voice is like an orchestra. We believe in a God that is speaking all the time, everywhere, every way he can.”

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Dialogue Topic Pages #7: Book of Mormon Topics, Part 1

By Dialogue Journal

This month, we are looking at the history of scholarship on the Book of Mormon. There was so much content on this that I have decided to break it into two episodes. Part 1 in this episode will cover though the 1990s—a key moment of a real fissure in Book of Mormon scholarship—while Part 2 in next month’s episode will go over the 2000s to the present. 

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