For today and all its blessings, we owe the world an attitude of gratitude.
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It's Sunday! 
I'm sipping lemon ginger tea (one of many favorites!) from my office, ready to teach this morning's delicious yoga class. We'll start slow and increase intensity, beginning with core work, then hamstring work, and then move into creative sequencing. I've been thinking about this sequence for the past few days and I'm looking forward to sharing it today. 

It's been a busy week for me! I added a new class to my teaching schedule, I've been fulfilling lots of custom DVD orders, and I've been working on my eBook! (Here's a sneak peek!) The eBook will be free for subscribers like you. It will include exclusive content like yoga sequences, meditation prompts, and clean-eating recipes. Stay tuned for it's delivery to your inbox in December! 

I hope that this finds you enjoying a restful weekend.


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