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September 2018

MCE News

MCE's Commitments and Impacts 
MCE's multiple goals including zero-carbon transportation electricity supply by 2025 is 5 years ahead of the GCAS timeline. To meet these goals MCE is expanding operations with new renewable energy installments to provide more clean energy. MCE also offers beneficial investment opportunities that make get customers paid. Act now and opt up to Deep Green and begin to offset our carbon emissions!

Local City News

Cities of Richmond and Benicia Mayors issued a joint statement regarding the impacts of climate change and environmental toxins to their cities. They are urging the governor to adopt an even more aggressive agenda in phasing out fossil fuels by as early as 2030. Read the statement HERE


Senate Bill No. 100, passed by the state assembly and signed by Gov. Brown mandates California utilities to provide energy from 100% carbon free sources by 2045. This is a huge win for climate action policy and keeps CA on the forefront of climate leadership. Read the bill or a synopsis.


Paying it Forward: The Path Toward Climate Safe Infrastructure; is your city infrastructure and capital improvement plan sufficient for a resilient city? This report summarizes the challenges posed by higher temperatures, more frequent and intense storms, drought, wildfires, and sea level rise. It outlines a step by step approach to making California city infrastructure more resilient to climate change.

New Series of Reports on Carbon Removal
The World Resources Institute has released a working paper containing 3 new reports on carbon capture and removal as solutions to climate change. They found that cutting emissions alone is not enough to reach the goal of the Paris agreement. We must also work to capture carbon not just through reforestation but also using cutting edge technology. Learn more and read the reports HERE

Other City News 

19 Cities sign the Net Zero Carbon Building Declaration in London, including San Francisco and San Jose. This C40 initiative focuses on reducing the 50 to 70% of GHG emissions associated with buildings which is crucial in meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Accord. Read more HERE

Climate Opportunity: More Jobs; Better Health; Livable Cities is the newest report from C40, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. It details how robust urban climate action policies by cities can create millions of new jobs, save billions of dollars in energy costs, and prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths related to urban pollution. Read the full report HERE also check out C40's Zero Waste Declaration HERE

Record Heat Waves across 4 continents, cities around the world have experienced record heat this year with the US having its hottest ever May and June months. A report from World Weather Attribution found that heat waves have become more extreme in the north, especially around the arctic circle, which has devastating implication for sea ice melt. They conclude that this was made twice as likely due to anthropogenic climate change. Read heat wave stories HERE


Forum on Carbon Removal, Sept 18th
The World Resources Institute is hosting this event about carbon removal as a solution to climate change. Learn more about this event and even watch it as it unfolds online HERE

Hazardous Waste Collection, Sept 22nd
Many cities offer household hazardous waste collection events, does yours? Richmond residents are encouraged to participate in this special one day hazardous waste collection event on Sat, Sept 22nd, 8AM to 1Pm at the Galileo Club, 371 South 23rd Street. All west county residents can properly dispose of paints, aerosols, e-waste, batteries, and oil at this event with proof of residency. Visit to learn more or call (888) 412-9277 

Expand Your Horizon: Talks on the Future of the Bay Area, Sept 26th
Horizon will be hosting this event about the future of transportation solutions in the Bay Area. This comes in concert with the Horizon Initiatives Perspective Papers identifying high impact policies towards building an affordable, diverse, and healthy transportation system. Learn more and sign up for to attend this Bay Area event HERE

Green Banking Webinar, Oct. 1st, hosted by the EPA will focus on innovative financing options for local gov'ts pursuing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other clean energy investments. It will feature 3 speakers prominent in the Green Banking industry. Its free so sign up HERE

CA's 4th Climate Change Assessment Bay Area Regional Report, Webinar Oct 3rd 2pm
The Climate Readiness Institute (CRI) and Bay Area Climate Adaptation Network (BayCAN) will host a webinar about the Bay Area Regional Report of the 4th Climate Change Assessment which analyizes the multiple impacts of climate change at regional and statewide levels.

Local Gov't Sustainable Energy Coalition Networking Forum, Oct 25th-26th
This LGSEC event will focus on local gov't leaders sharing and discussing experiences and lessons learned from historic CA fires as well as insight into the utility-local gov't interface. Participants will also discover how resilience and economic sustainability can maximize preparedness for disasters. Learn more and sign up to attend this event HERE 

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