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May 2017


Smart Growth America
Smart Growth and T4America are offering a new Cultural Corridor Consortium Grant to three
communities to improve community engagement around public transit investments. Learn more here

Local City News

Cities Ban on Styrofoam
Dozens of cities and counties have passed ordinances restricting local businesses’ use of Styrofoam containers. Styrofoam is tough to clean up because it breaks into small particles and eventually makes its way into the ocean. Does your city or county have a Styrofoam ban? Read more
Bay Area Air Quality Management Tackles Climate Change
The Bay Area Air Quality Management is unveiling a plan to help in the fight against climate change. The “Spare the Air, Cool the Climate” lays out 85 measures to reduce pollutants from industry, transportation, agriculture, homes and businesses. Learn more
Contra Costa County to be A Part of Marin Clean Energy
Contra Costa County supervisors on Tuesday, May 2 voted to be a part a Community Choice energy (CCE) program that could potentially help consumers on average cut monthly bills up to 55 percent. And give residents a choice Beyond PG&E 30% renewable energy.... to a full 100% with MCE. Read more

Other City News 

6 Cities with Plans to go 100% Renewable
There are a total of 25 U.S cities that have committed to 100% renewable energy. Contra Costa County is not represented on this list – yet. Read more about how cities are making this pledge a reality
City of Portland to turn Sewage into Power
The city of Portland is turning sewer gas into power - which will cut GHGs and fuel 154 sanitation trucks for a year! Read more about their plan


California Senate to Push Aggressive Clean Energy Goals
The leader of the California Senate wants to push utilities to go 100% renewable by 2045. Get ahead of the state - Contra Costa County cities should join a CCE program by June 30th and switch to 100% renewable energy by April 2018. Learn more
East Bay Reservoir to Store Water for Westlands Water District
Westlands Water District is going to store water in Los Vaqueros Reservoir near Brentwood as part of a program to save water as drought insurance for years to come. Read more about this move


A Case for Carbon Tax
Could we help fight climate change by putting a price on carbon? Other countries such as Britain have successfully implemented a carbon tax on the national level and its carbon emissions declined by 36% less than 1990 levels. Read more about the carbon tax

Environmental Impacts

Sea Level Rise
Sea-level rise that experts now predict could elevate the water in coastal areas up to 10 feet in just 70 years, gobbling up beachfront and overwhelming low-lying cities. If nothing changes, California’s coastal waters will rise at a rate 30 to 40 times faster than in the last century. Read more


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