Welcome to Trust the Process (#07)

It’s been quite the week. After Facebook and Instagram went down on Monday, many businesses and advertisers were scrambling. As we’ll detail, before the outage, the ads markets were moving in the same direction.

Welcome back to Trust the Process.

Below we’ll provide a glimpse into what the Trust community is seeing in the ads marketplaces, show how community member Wandering Bear is growing smarter, and share the headlines that are trending on Trust.

The Marketing Markets


Facebook and Instagram spend continues to drop among the Trust community. The 30 day average is now 66%. Conversely, Google ad spend has been ticking up, hovering around a fourth of community member spend. Here’s more of what the Trust community is seeing:

1) 👍 Facebook CPMs

Facebook CPMs hit a 30 day low over the weekend. Then Monday’s outage occurred. Early data shows Facebook CPMs increasing since the outage, so we’ll have to see how that continues to play out in the coming days:

Week over week: -12.9%

30 day high: $13.57

30 day low: $9.87

2) 📸 Instagram CPMs

Pricing for Instagram CPMs hit a 30 day high within the past week and then there was a large drop in pricing, with its 30 day low occurring over the weekend. Prices have slightly picked backed up since Monday’s outage, but this is also something to watch:

Week over week: -25.7%

30 day high: $13.07

30 day low: $7.11

3) 👻 Snap CPMs

CPMs for Snap sharply declined over the course of a week. Its 30 day low occurred over the weekend as well. Snap CPMs are down significantly compared to where they were 3-4 weeks ago:

Week over week: -22.1%

30 day high: $8.40

30 day low: $3.38

4) 🐦 Twitter CPMs

CPMs hit a 30 day high for Twitter and then pricing took a nosedive. Volatility remains a consistent theme with Twitter CPMs:

Week over week:

30 day high: $15.07

30 day low: $5.58

5) 📍 Pinterest CPMs

Pinterest CPMs had been steadily rising during the middle to end of September, but have dropped since then:

Week over week:

30 day high: $7.73

30 day low: $5.58

One final pricing tidbit: This is the first time since we’ve been sending out these newsletters that CPMs for the five platforms above all had a similar trend (in this case, double digit percentage price declines).

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Featured Community Member of the Week

What started off as a coffee making competition between two friends brewed into a successful business. Since 2014, Wandering Bear has been serving up 100% organic coffee and is the first company to put coffee in tapped boxes. We caught up with Wandering Bear to see how they are growing their business smarter.

Company: Wandering Bear

Founders: Matt Bachmann (CEO), Ben Gordon (President)

Mission: We make big strong coffee (with a smooth side) and (try) to deliver it in a 10-star, that-just-made-my-day kind of way.

How they're growing smarter: We keep the voice of our customers very, very close. Every review hits our leadership teams’ inbox. Our #customerservice Slack is the most active at the company (usually celebrating “wins”). Our 500+ digital brand ambassadors help us keep a pulse on what’s resonating.

Best marketing channel: Email and SMS are incredibly effective channels for us. It’s also hard to beat the scale of social channels.

To learn more about Wandering Bear and how it’s growing smarter, keep reading here.

✍️If you want to share how you are growing your business, please let us know. We’d love to tell your story and help the Trust community learn from your experiences. Send us an email.

Trending Across the Trust Community

Google’s Facebook Response

If a website being inaccessible is a digital business’s worst nightmare, potentially weakening its presence on Google might not be that far behind. So how does Google Search treat a website if it goes down?

“The URLs remain indexed as they are, the site continues to rank as it used to. This is a temporary state though. If [it] becomes a persistent error (if it lasts more than 1-2 days), we will start dropping those URLs from indexing,” said a Google executive in a Twitter thread.

Google says if they have dropped URLs from indexing, they will pop back in once the website is back up and Google can see them successfully crawl again.

TikTok Touting E-commerce

TikTok is planning to build out its advertising options and increase its e-commerce presence. TikTok has rolled out a new Creator Marketplace API for “marketing experts” and is building out TikTok Shopping, which comes with advertising tools.

“Across the board, I think we are really looking to minimize the distance between the brand and the consumer. It’s a constantly evolving space,” TikTok’s COO said of e-commerce.

TikTok’s advertising and shopping expansion comes as it continues to rapidly grow around the world. The company now has a billion monthly active users globally.

Snapchat’s AR Vision

Snapchat says 200 million users every day are engaging with augmented reality and 94% of shoppers are satisfied with their AR shopping experience.

“Leading brands are already leaning into AR to create brand awareness and introduce new products to customers, where they are, at scale, with measurable results. Some of you might already be doing the same, and doing extraordinary things with AR, but my hope is that soon, it won’t be just some of you, it will be all of you,” said a top Snapchat executive.

Snapchat believes AR will soon become the normal way of doing business.

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