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This is a quick email to let you know of the early bird discounts for fall classes available now thru August 31st. The Autumn Newsletter with articles, videos and other material will come out this fall. The resources page on my website has several new articles if you are looking for something now. Hope to see you in a class!
Joy to you,
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Wholeness in Twelve™

How you start your day is like dropping a pebble in a pond. The pebble determines the ripple waves that follow. Imagine the ripple effect on your day when you grab another cup of coffee and sprint out the door. Imagine the ripple effect on your day when you take 12 minutes to flow, spring, jiggle, shake, luxuriate, linger, laugh and sing. There is mounting evidence that the tone you set for your day impacts your health, longevity and well-being.

Dates:  12 weeks between October 1 to December 21st
Cost:  Early Bird Discount: $180 if paid in full by August 31st.
$200 total for the 12-week package which includes all classes, a one-hour individual session and tutorials and other support materials.
Pay in full or in three $67 installments.

Times:  12-minute classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays any time you want when you use the class recording or join the live class on ZOOM: 7:15 AM Central time.
Flexibility to do the class where and when you want to is a key part of the work.
  • The Invigorating Monday class gives you useful information like how to bend without hurting your back, your knees with ease through a playful and honed movement sequence called the Animal Form.
  • On Well-being Wednesday you are offered a map of calm, clarity, and the possibility of seeing reality as it is. It is like getting the manual for your built-in compass which helps you navigate the rapids of life. 
  • Recuperative Fridays affords you a time to pause, be still and gentle. You explore ways of listening and moving to follow your inner pulse, to feel the rhythm of the movement you need in this moment and make space for energy to flow through you.
The ripple effect of Wholeness in Twelve™ as spoken by participants:
  • I ended the class free of pain, alert and at peace with the day.
  • Your sessions are helping me come back to a sense of the whole of me, rather than the uncomfortable 'problem' bits.
  • There was something in each class that I could either meditate on throughout the day or use with my students in class or rehearsal.
  • The approach is so joy-filled for me, it resonates with the natural world of physics and wild nature — I don’t even know where to start.  
  • It is the healing of decades of compensatory compressive habits.
  • This new paradigm resonates so deeply with me, I just tear up.  It flies in the face of my first 50 years of living, and is glorious new information that I can actually find my wild wholeness.  
  • I wanted to tell you that I used your “body prayer” to open a worship I led last week at a small interfaith group. People found it SO helpful.
  • This format is working very well for me. It allows me to experience the material and then experiment with it throughout the day…I used the Monday invigorating exercise on a Wednesday afternoon break when I was feeling sleepy and it worked like a charm! I was alert and present for my marathon teaching schedule
To Register Please Email me at and complete registration forms and payment at Wholeness in Twelve™
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LearningMethods™ Group
Early Bird Discount Available Now!

Weekly LearningMethods™ Group

Have you ever been frustrated by a task, you struggle, grunt, curse and then someone hands you the right tool and voila` it is clear and easy? If you didn't even know the tool existed then it is like a miracle. This what LearningMethods™ is like for problems. It is a perfect tool for finding clarity around anxiety, stresses, anger and other experiences of trouble. Situations may not immediately change but with LearningMethods™:
  • The situation's potency is diffused.
  • The grip of fear is eased.
  • The snarl of confusion and decisions unraveled.
  • The enmeshing of relationships clears.
  • The deflation of procrastination inflates.
As you use this powerful tool the next step to take toward ease and clarity shows up.

8 weeks between October 8th and November 30th
Exact day and time determined by the group. Contact me if interested. let's look for a weekday evening or weekend time.  Class limited to 6.

$240 or Early Bird discount $220 register by August 31st
Sessions recorded
To Register: LearningMethods™ Group Autumn 2018

LearningMethods™ can help you find strategies to understand and change experiences like:
  • being afraid to sing
  • getting anxious easily
  • having painful feet
  • getting headaches often
  • never having enough time
  • feeling burned out
  • procrastination
  • not exercising when you want to
  • being afraid to make a mistake
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