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I C News Mini-Feature

March, 2017

Welcome! We’re ready to begin our mini-features; our book reviews. Our goal is to simply offer some added insight, inspiration, and wisdom to your day; and at the same time, elevate the work and writing of our amazing local authors. #Canadian We trust you’ll enjoy!

First up, In My Silent Moments – Heartfelt Reflections by Nasima Z.

“I am not just a dreamer, or so I keep telling myself, but I do enjoy getting lost in my thoughts. It’s like a beautiful stroll in the woods, discovering new wonders with every step taken. I love to write about everything and anything and my visions usually take me on a collage of mystical adventures, many of which you will find here, In My Silent Moments.

"My reflections are born out of all life has exposed me to, kindly or otherwise—celebrating beauty, laughing at the absurd, and weeping with the sorrowful. Wherever you find yourself, my hope is that each section will speak to you in very meaningful ways.

"You’re also likely to experience, as some call it, my 'unique' sense of humour when you least expect it, as it has become an important tool in my arsenal for dealing with the challenging and unexpected. It’s been a great ally and I share it with you, with love.
"There is nothing about this mystery we call LIFE that is flawless, but that should not stop us from living a life of optimism, joy, love, compassion, financial wealth, good health, happiness, and all the excitement we can handle.

"The odyssey of In My Silent Moments began years ago, and its messages are numerous and timeless, many in metaphors which I hope you will find make for interesting reading and also give pause for the occasional ‘hmmm . . .’ ” / Nasima
A little about the author, Nasima Z.:

From an early age, Nasima was compelled to write. Growing up in Georgetown, Guyana, (under British rule at the time), she was fascinated by the stories she heard of England, and this fed her desire to travel. After some island hopping to Trinidad for Carnivale and then to the Bahamas, Nasima returned home for a while, before moving to Toronto, Canada, where she resides today.

Her love of life, music, and learning, and her uplifting perspective is woven into every reflection in In My Silent Moments. She has lived a full and colourful life, brimming with grand experiences from attending the John Casablanca School of Modeling, studying briefly at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and traveling throughout Canada and the U.S. for work.

Now, she generously and courageously gives back in In My Silent Moments, despite what most of us would consider significant limitations due to the challenges of past surgeries to remove two brain tumours, not to mention the onset of MS.

In My Silent Moments is a gift. Enjoy each nugget and all the goodness LIFE has given you . . . 

We invite you to check it out here.

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Have an amazing day!
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