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Spring is in the air! Well, maybe it feels like it’s just in our minds still. Either way, wonderful things are happening at I C Publishing. Inspiring new titles being launched soon! More exciting new authors partnering with us to bring their work to life in 2014 and 2015! I can’t wait to tell you more and share their journeys as they continue to unfold. In the meantime, what I can share with you is how great April is shaping up with six of our authors on Rogers York Region Daytime TV. The schedule is below for you.

Please peruse our newsletter at your leisure, refer back to it frequently, and/or share it with a friend. Enjoy reading about, and following, two of our newest upcoming authors, Nasima Z., and Anita Heidema. As well, be sure to check out five very important non-tech social media tips for authors and business owners—and some quick writing tips for non-fiction writers!
Five Non-Tech Social Media Tips for Authors and Business Owners
  1. Most will agree that it is important for us all to be on social media. The key is you want to be easily found and accessible to others, more now than ever. This doesn't mean you have to be everywhere, nor does it mean that you have to be on-line 24-7.
    • Know your audience and where they're most likely to be. Start on that platform and go from there.
    • Especially for authors, it is critical for you to build your on-line presence into the thousands. Again, get familiar with one (maybe two) platforms, build it and move onto the next.
  2. Be sure to add a decent photo to all your social media profiles (and keep it current). When I am looking to connect with people on-line, I rarely reach out to or accept friend or connection requests if there is no photo.
  3. It is okay to be strategically selective when it comes to building your profile too. For example, I have a personal profile on Facebook, which you need to have if you are going to have a Business Fan Page. I consider this personal profile for business social networking only. I have a separate personal profile with my husband, so we can keep in touch with family.
  4. If you're not sure what to post, start with sharing, reposting or retweeting others' posts that resonate with you and your message. If need be, consult with a coach or social media specialist to set you on the right path.
  5. Above all, don't stress yourself. One step at a time. Reflect on the many examples in your life where you have learned new things, ultimately enjoying the experience, achieving success, and developing a strength you never thought you had.
Watch for my April blog expanding on this topic! If you don't receive it regularly and would like to, you can sign up here.
Rogers York Region Daytime TV Interviews with I C Publishing Authors!

Wed. April 9th, 10am:
Sheri Andrunyk
Founder of I C Publishing, Entrepreneur Expert, & Author
Book: Working From Home & Making It Work
A must-have resource for anyone striving for success on their own terms in work and in life

Thurs. April 10th, 10am:
Anita Heidema
Founder of YIJ Group, Success Coach, Travel Specialist, & New Author
Book: Vitality Knocks
Short Stories to Enrich Your Soul

Fri. April 11th, 10am:
Jenn Pike
Nutritionist, Trainer, Yogi, Studio Owner, & Author
Book: The Simplicity Project
A Simple, No-Nonsense Approach to Losing Weight & Changing Your Body Forever

New Simplicity Project DVD just released too.

Wed. April 16th, 10am:
Adele Spraggon
Founder of Shaped Within, Program Creator, & Author
Book: Shaped Within - Reshaping Weight Loss
Blending Eastern Wisdom with a Western Approach

Thurs. April 24th, 10am:
Jim Baston
International Business Consultant, Trainer, & Author
Book: Beyond Great Service
The Technician's Role in Proactive Business Growth

Thurs. May 1st, 10am:
Kathleen Redmond
Executive Coach, Founder of Centre for Character Leadership, & Author
Book (1st in series): Building a Character Culture
For Trust and Results in the Workplace
Quick Writing Tips for Non-Fiction Authors
  • Plan out your work.
  • Determine your audience.
  • Write a shell, a working Table of Contents.
  • Write a message to your prospective reader, saying what you want/hope they will get out of reading your book, and how you personally want them to benefit. This could later be used as your preface or intro. Either way, it sets a good tone and reference for you to work from.
  • Develop a schedule to write regularly.
  • Set a deadline for yourself, not for pressure (unless that's your motivator), just for some structure and a time-frame (otherwise, you may never get it done, regardless of how great your book is and how good a writer you are).
Coming Soon!

Spring 2014 in E-Book!

In My Silent Moments - Heartfelt Reflections
by Nasima Z.

Get ready to open In My Silent Moments to any page, and you will become a fan. The insights Nasima shares during her times of joy, celebration, extremes of crisis, and loss, and illness are captivating—quickly drawing you into her world and reassuring you that you're not alone in yours.

Both her reflections and poetry possess a natural flow, and her descriptive flair is very poignant and revealing. Whatever your passion too, Nasima will take you there in her realms of fantasy and spirituality. As she introduces you to familiar or new experiences, you will feel her deepest emotions and drink in her refreshing wisdom.

Autumn 2014!

Vitality Knocks - Short Stories to Enrich Your Soul
by Anita Heidema

In Vitality Knocks, you will be encouraged to dream big, and work passionately doing something that you love, and enjoy every moment with those dearest to you.

Anita Heidema offers a refreshing perspective in Vitality Knocks. Each chapter packs a positive punch that will hit home, if you simply allow it to. A gentle reassessing of our own well-intending journey can go a long way in creating and living our best life.
Some Final Reflections

In closing, I’d like to share with our readers something that has been on my mind. We have been thinking of expanding the Hearts Linked by Courage series for quite some time. Hearts Linked by Courage was my first book—an anthology of eighteen real-life stories covering a gamut of personal trials from mental illness and cancer diagnosis to abuse and death, with incredibly inspiring dignity and insight. Some stories were very close to me, others were contributed by my friends and colleagues. All of the stories remind us of the resiliency and strength of the human spirit, and who we become in the process of enduring these challenges.
  • Hearts Linked by Courage has served as a great little book for some very important causes, not-for-profit fundraisers, whereby the organization receives a minimum of 35% of all books’ sales generated during the fundraising dates and/or event (50% if the organization wishes to purchase a quantity of books ahead of time). We also provide signed copies if requested. 
  • Now what we’d like to offer is the Hearts Linked by Courage name and/or theme to approved not-for-profit organizations, where they can collect their own stories—providing a meaningful way to celebrate the individual successes of their clients, educate the public, and shed light on the needs and challenges still present for them. In addition, they can earn more, up to approximately 70%, on the sales of their organization’s published book. 
Should you know of an organization that the above might interest, please contact, and she will be more than happy to assist you further.
Thanks so much for your time!

Happy Writing! Great Reading! Yay Spring!

With Warmest regards always,

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