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This is by far my favourite time, the fall, so refreshing and energizing. It’s a time to harvest and reap the bounty of our efforts from throughout the year. Perhaps you chose to coast a little this summer and enjoy the warmth and relaxation the season offers and now you are reaping a brand new focus and fresh new ideas to put into action? Or you kept fingers to keyboard, pen to paper, or voice to recorder and finished your first or next book and are now ready to take those next steps to bring your work to life? Either way, I applaud and encourage you.

The fall is also a time to evaluate what’s next for each of us as we work towards our longer term goals and making a difference in the work we do.

Our work and roster of amazing authors and friends continues to blossom at I C Publishing, as you’ll get a glimpse of with the snippets below. We are honoured to support such moving and high level content. Whether it’s intended to teach, enlighten, or inspire, or simply whisk you away for a mini mind escape, it’s a privilege for us to be the gatekeeper of the author’s message through thoughtful and thorough assessment, editing, refining, designing, project management, promotion, and more.

Oh, if I didn’t have to sleep :) . . . Just kidding!

Here’s just a sneak peek of what you can look forward to seeing from I C Publishing Authors very soon:

     Building a Character Culture
     For trust and results in the workplace

     By Kathleen Redmond

Kathleen Redmond, MA, PCC, is an international corporate trainer, graduate program university instructor, and executive coach who humbly supports leaders across North America in developing character-based approaches to workplace challenges. She is the founder of the Centre for Character Leadership.

Building a Character Culture lays an integral foundation for creating trust and results in the workplace through real-life/business scenarios which play out at La Maison du Parc. Kathleen's teachings are further substantiated with well researched facts and hands-on tools and examples. All who follow her work will benefit tremendously.

"Kathleen hits a bulls eye with her Character Culture approach; create clarity regarding what needs to be achieved, give people guidelines on how to work together, and do it all with integrity and decency. How else can success either be achieved or matter?" Bruce Coull, Global 100 Company.

Building a Character Culture is the beginning of a dynamic series you will surely want to follow! Stay tuned.

     Shaped Within: Reshaping Weight Loss
     Blending eastern wisdom with a western approach

     By Adele Spraggon

Sara's heart sinks as she steps on the scales to confirm what she already suspects to be true. She has gained back the entire 45 pounds that she worked so hard to lose. Heartbroken, Sara looks for a method that will free her once and for all from the trap of dieting. Her search brings her to Shaped Within where she discovers a unique approach to weight loss that dramatically transforms her relationship to her body and makes dieting a thing of the past. In Shaped Within: Reshaping Weight Loss, Adele Spraggon outlines the unique method for weight loss that is sure to turn your next diet into your last. Told as a fable, Adele’s storytelling is as instructive as it is enthralling. Best of all, you will find woven throughout the story the powerful process and actionable steps to cause your own weight loss success . . . and a gift of new understanding and self-awareness that will penetrate all areas of your life in a positive and powerful way.

There will be much more to follow from Adele Spraggon as well!

     Legacy of a Canadian Horse
     A Reflection of Dignity, Courage & Wisdom

     By Danaan (Danielle O'Breham)

Legacy of the Canadian Horse is as a tribute to the little horse of iron, whose brave heart, selflessness, and courage were not fully appreciated while we were emerging as a nation. Its history was thoroughly researched through the writings of Lawrence Scanlan and Paul Bernier.

Canada’s culture is rich and colourful. Through our Canadian horses, Danaan becomes acquainted with our unique past, the values that make our country one of the most respected in the world, and the absolute faith that we will maintain our high standards in the future. There is a spiritual undertone colouring the stories of individual horses on whose legacy this book was crafted. The purpose is to help us, as a people, appreciate the sacredness of life and the power of unconditional love.

In The Legacy of a Canadian Horse, Danaan opens our eyes to profound beauty, and sadly, great plight as well. The passion and sensitivity with which she writes will capture your heart quickly . . . and stay with you far past the end of the book.

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Our authors, and our team at I C Publishing, truly appreciate your time, interest, and support. We would love to hear from you on how you are enjoying I C News and what else you would like to learn and read about.

Below, we have a couple of upcoming events you might be interested in attending, as well as Friends of I C Publishing Monthly Feature!

Sunday, Sept. 22nd, 11am to 6pm - The 24th Annual Word On The Street Festival in Toronto at Queen's Park Circle
The Word On The Street's Exhibitor Marketplace offers festival-goers a window into the Canadian literary scene - it's Canada's biggest outdoor bookstore . . . and I C PUBLISHING will be there in the Fringe Beat section with a great collection of books from our bookstore, free bookmarks, and lots of helpful info for local writers/authors!

Monday, Sept. 30th, 1pm to 4:30pm - The Networker Event
Sponsored by an array of highly interactive and successful companies within the GTA, including I C Publishing.
This networking event is ideal for business professionals looking to connect with other like-minded people in the Greater Toronto Area. Come out, bring plenty of business cards and make some new connections! Copies of Working From Home & Making It Work© by Sheri Andrunyk and Leadership by Engagement by Kathleen Redmond will be available for purchase too.
Location: Bayview Golf & Country Club
Address: 25 Fairway Heights Dr., Thornhill
Cost: $10+tax in advance through us, $20 at the door

Friends of I C Publishing Monthly Feature
Don't let the subtly of the cover fool you, there are great gifts hiding inside this book. Linda is a beautiful storyteller. Her writing imparts much meaning and wisdom and nurtures self-awareness and growth.

Shiftwork is a book about finding the places in your life and thought where a small change could make a big difference. Linda Ferguson takes big ideas from psychology, behavioural economics, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and presents them in terms that readers can understand and put to work in their lives. If you have ever wondered how you could know yourself better, make better choices, and be more satisfied with your results, Shiftwork can show you how to get started. You'll learn to identify what you want, gather strengths, build better relationships and tell better stories about how you are leading your life. This one small book works with what you know and the way your brain already works to inspire you. You will be so curious about how it can change your life, you may notice shifts in your thinking before you even get to the end of the story. Check it out here.

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