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Autumn, 2015

Welcome to the autumn issue of I C News. As most of you know, I C stands for Insightful Communications. It’s also a metaphor for “I See” to encourage, elevate, entertain, and enlighten others through our work and our writings. This has always been my intention through coaching, mentoring, and the books I’ve written, and it’s an honour to publish and promote the work of our author clients, given that they’re so aligned with this mission as well. 

As we continue to expand, it is amazing the cross-section of topics covered by our passionate experts, from business communications and entrepreneurship, to health and wellness, environmental education for children, and guidance for millennials. This newsletter will feature our Newest Releases, what’s Coming Soon, Great Reads, I C Wisdom, Meaningful Work, Upcoming Events, and another new section titled Inspiration for Writers. Scroll down to your areas of interest.

Inspiration for Writers:

In my opinion, writing a true bestseller is more about well-organized thoughts, structure, and quality writing. It’s also about supporting your work with thorough research where needed, credible and properly noted sources, “real” testimonials and endorsements, and professional editing and proofreading according to a recognized style guide (i.e. Chicago Manual of Style).

As a lover of language, an avid reader, and writer myself, the only way I determine if a book is a bestseller, is by reading it and fully experiencing all the author is offering. If, as authors, we write with this in mind, it’s likely our words will have greater impact too.

For the full post, click here.

New Releases Oct / Nov:

Showing Up – Becoming the Me I Want To Be

Christine Wunder Patton is a transformational coach for youth and a highly knowledgeable and gifted speaker for all ages. She cares deeply about young people today and where they are headed in this new world. Since 2008, Christine has been speaking in schools, engaging her student audience about their goals, desires, and obstacles, as well as the perceptions they have for their future. She coaches them towards success through a finely-honed self-development program called TransMax21. Christine’s new book, Showing Up – Becoming the Me I Want To Be, melds cutting-edge research with powerful inspiration and hands-on exercises to help each young person open up to his or her true potential. Students, young and old, gain a competitive edge as they look towards today’s ever-shifting workplace and record high unemployment statistics. Showing Up is an excellent and very comprehensive read for anyone who is seeking new insights on how best align their life and work for true success.
Christy Solves a Mystery

Publishing the ABC Adventure Series, beginning with Christy Solves a Mystery, has been a lifelong dream of Annabella’s. In fact, the storyline first came to her in high school. Fortunately for us, an English teacher provided great feedback and support, encouraging Annabella to keep her dream alive. Now this entertaining story is revealed, and it is one that is sure to spur Annabella on to teach and nurture young minds and share her passion in this exciting way. The ABC Adventure Series provides children with the entertaining intrigue of solving a mystery and, at the same time, a great educational platform to learn about their environment through the recognition of the alphabet and basic numbers. In addition to this, there is space within each book for the reader to practice their letters and numbers while searching for them amidst the realistic illustrations of the wildlife they love in their natural habitat.
In time for Christmas: A Mother’s Memoir – Living While Dying

In A Mother’s Memoir – Living While Dying, the author, Mary Louise Jarvis, shares her courageous life—from the profoundly sad and difficult parts of losing four of her children to Cystic Fibrosis, to her amazing attitude and spirit as she has taken each step in her journey. “In spite of the fact that my children lived with this incurable disease, which would inevitably take their lives at a very young age, they were happy well-adjusted people,” Mary Louise imparts. “I am not sure just how old each one was when they actually realized they would not live to a ripe old age; however, I believe with the way I raised them they were more interested in living each day to the fullest, knowing they might not be here tomorrow . . . By telling my story, I hope that people will be more aware of how truly precious every day is, and will be encouraged to live a life that is even more fulfilling for them and their family.” A Mother’s Memoir will grip you with emotion and compassion, and give you much to think about in your own journey.
Coming Soon: Hearts Linked by Courage – CMHA

The second edition of Hearts Linked by Courage features real-life stories of immense challenge, triumph, and hope, from the Canadian Mental Health Association – York Region and South Simcoe. Much gratitude goes to CMHA and their story contributors for helping us to keep the conversation and hope alive, in part through this series. The purpose of this book is simple. It is to encourage compassion and kindness in others, and to look beyond what you see or hear. The Hearts Linked by Courage series is an amazing collection of heartfelt, inspirational accounts of courage, surviving, and thriving after abuse, the loss of a loved one and more! They're meant to give you hope and encouragement that inspires you to have faith, learn from your experiences, and be present and thankful every day regardless of what life throws at you. And when you're in the depths of the "going through" phase, let these stories be a reminder there are better days ahead and there are many people who truly care.

Upcoming Events:

October 17th
Leading Words Symposium

9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. â€“ including a lovely end-of-day reception
Morning Session: Charbonnel Lounge at St. Michael's College
*Afternoon Session: 47 Queen's Park Cr., Toronto, ON
*Featuring Sheri Andrunyk, sharing from her upcoming book:
Do You Have a Book In You? –  Straight Talk to Take You From Concept to Reality
Click here to register.
Follow us on Facebook for ongoing event details.

October 17th
Not Your Average Career Fair

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. –  Four Points Sheraton
6090 Dixie Rd., Mississauga, ON
Featuring New I C Publishing Author, Christine Patton
Sharing from her book, Showing Up – Becoming the Me I Want to Be

November 3rd
Creativity Connected – 5th Annual Creative Industries Symposium

8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. –  Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts
10268 Yonge St., Richmond Hill, ON
Click here to register.

November 26th
Christine Patton's Book Launch Party

Showing Up – Becoming the Me I Want to Be
6:30 p.m. – Cambridge, ON
More details will be available soon, and shared on our Facebook page.

Great Reads Make Great Gifts:

There is This Place
When you turn the pages of There is This Place you enter into a simpler time. Slowly take in the breathtaking original artwork of Jenna Stewart, and be reminded of the beauty in our world. There is This Place is a lovely gift for all ages, and men and women alike. Great for teachers!
All Out of Womb
Incredibly raw and beautifully written, these eleven stories carry the reader through the late stages of pregnancy and childbirth. At times hilarious and often full of emotion, All Out of Womb will leave new moms-to-be feeling confident and amazed at the miracle that is birth.
Vitality Knocks
The short stories in Vitality Knocks will enrich your soul, and help you recognize the valuable lessons in life that are meant especially for you. You will be encouraged to dream big, and work passionately doing something that you love, and enjoy every moment with those dearest to you. Your girlfriends and sisters will love this one!

Meaningful Work:

The Salvation Army York Housing & Support Services

The Salvation Army has received the mandate to oversee Belinda’s Place, a fully staffed shelter with twenty-eight single beds and nine transitional units, providing basic needs, temporary housing, client-focused wraparound supports and follow-up services to assist women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
The Salvation Army has also been running The Sutton Youth Centre for almost ten years, meeting the basic and holistic needs of our marginalized youth, and helping them to develop their unique gifts with compassion, support, and love.
As a volunteer supporter leading one of their Accreditation Days, mentoring youth in writing, and member of their Community Advisory Council, I have seen firsthand the heart that is put into every day and every person. Among many others, there is one young woman that is now giving back as co-chair of the council. Read Gwen's inspiring story here, or watch the video

I C Wisdom:

In our summer issue we discussed the all-important relationship we have with ourselves, and the value of having our own "inside" house in order before attempting to make sense of, nurture, or mend the relationship we have with others.

A phrase that has stuck with me for quite some time offers tremendous insight when we’re ready to embrace it, “What we see in others exists somewhere within us too.” Really . . . Try it, next time you are frustrated by the actions of another, look for that impatience or perceived flaw in yourself. Can you relate? Might it be helpful to take a different approach?
I find that when you become more aware of your own patterns and processes, it is helpful in reframing the multitude of situations which may arise in a day. Cool heads prevail more often. Respectful communication happens. Solutions are found more quickly. New awareness and self-growth are encouraged. Healing takes place too.
Another exercise I love is one I share in my book, Working From Home & Making It Work. It's a phrase phrase you probably heard when you were growing up, “Put yourself in the other person’s shoes,” and it’s expanded on in an NLP exercise called Positional Shifting.
  • First position is what you experience being you; that's your own reality.
  • Second position is when you consciously move from your own reality, to get a sense of the other person's experience or perception.
  • Third position provides you a chance to appreciate a view from the stands. You move from first into this position, where you imagine yourself interacting with others.
Wishing you healthy, joy-filled relationships always!

Join Our Community:

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Warmest regards and appreciation,


Sheri Andrunyk
Partner Publisher, Speaker, Author
Entrepreneur Expert and Mentor

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