Next version of Nobeltec TimeZero App to feature compatibility with the FURUNO DRS4W Radar & AIS - December 2014

Nobeltec TimeZero App Compatibility with

We are thrilled to announce that the next version of the Nobeltec TimeZero App will be a true game-changer for the marine navigation app market. The App will allow cutting-edge compatibility with the FURUNO 1st Watch Wireless Radar and with AIS information as well! 
From spring 2015, boaters will have the option to connect their FURUNO 1st Watch Wireless Radar (DRS4W) with the Nobeltec TimeZero App, by adding the new Radar Module. It will also be possible to integrate AIS information with the App by purchasing the new AIS Module. Both modules will be optional.
  • The Radar Module will unlock the ability to overlay the radar image from the FURUNO DRS4W across the app's navigational chart in real-time.
  • The AIS Module will allow the display of all AIS targets that are received by an AIS receiver or transponder within the app..
These functions will offer boaters increased safety and comfort on board. It will be easier than ever before to check radar and AIS information and in turn to be aware of your boat's surroundings from anywhere on your vessel. 

Required hardware for the Radar Module:
  • FURUNO 1st Watch Wireless DRS4W radar
  • Compatible internal or external GPS. It will be possible to overlay the radar image by using the GPS Course Over Ground (COG) over speeds of 1Kn.
  • A heading sensor is not mandatory but is highly recommended. This sensor will help to align the radar image with the chart to give the most accurate overlay image.
  • Serial to Wi-Fi adapter if an external Heading or GPS sensor is used. We will post information about which models are compatible on the Nobeltec TimeZero App website soon.
Required hardware for the AIS Module:
  • An AIS receiver or transponder outputting NMEA 0183 sentences over TCP or UDP (a Serial to Wi-Fi adapter is required if the AIS is output on an RS323/422 NMEA Serial port).
Make sure to check out the FAQs List for this new Radar and AIS integration.

How it works 
The App will be compatible with regular NMEA 0183 sentences sent by any Serial to Ethernet gateway that is capable of joining an existing network, in this case the DRS network.
Connection diagram:
The Nobeltec App will also be able to directly control all the features of the FURUNO DRS4W that are available in the existing standalone Furuno App. 

Release Date
The optional Radar and AIS Modules will be released in spring 2015. The exact date is to be confirmed.

The Radar Module for the FURUNO DRS4W will be available as an in-app purchase for $49.99. The AIS Module will be available as an in-app purchase for $9.99.

 For more detailed information, please read the FAQs
FURUNO DRS4W Radar and AIS - Nobeltec TimeZero App Compatibility
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Maeve Lynskey
Nobeltec Marketing Department
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