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Welcome to our July Issue of E NEws 

This year is creeping on and it won't be long until Chapman Valley is full of wildflowers again.  Keep an eye out as there is currently a Midwest wildflower spotting competition. 

We also bid farewell to the Billingham family who will be leaving us in July.  Stuart, Bec and their two children are moving to Mukinbudin and we wish them all the best.  Acting CEO Barrye Thompson will commence on the 10th July.
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From our President

Unfortunately rain is staying away again, we can only hope that predictions for rain in July are correct and it’s on its way.

Shire CEO   - Stuart and Bec Billingham finished today, we wish them all the best for their future.  Mr Barrie Thompson will be relieving for a few months until the new CEO Mr Maurice Battilana takes the role. Maurice was previously in charge of Canarvon but many of you will remember him as our CEO for many years in the past.

Chapman Valley Show - I have attended a couple of meetings with the committee, they do a wonderful job producing the best show in the region, please support them in any way that you can.

Shire Works Supervisor – This position is in the interview stage and will hopefully soon be filled. We wish Ken and Deb Barndon all the best in Gascoyne Junction.
John  Collingwood
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Chapman Valley Show

CV Show

Local Government Elections

If you are a non resident ratepayer of the Shire of Chapman Valley and wish to appear on the above mentioned roll for the next Local Government elections to be held October 2013 you may need to compete the Enrolment Eligibility Claim (Form 2) prior to the close of roll.  The form must be returned to the Shire office or Fax 99205155.

30th August            Close of Enrolment to Vote
5th September        Nominations open for Council candidates
12th September      Close of Nominations for Council candidates
15th October           Close of Postal Votes


Stand For Council

If you want to make a difference in your community and have a say in local decision-making, stand for election as a local government councilor.  Online training is available along with an elected member introductory course.

There are many reasons why people stand for council. The sense of satisfaction from serving the community, increased knowledge about the operation of government, improved confidence in public speaking and the chance to play an important role in the changes occurring within your community.
For more info click here
Why Be A Councillor?
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New Fuel Service in Nabawa

Access to both diesel and unleaded fuel is now available 24 hours a day with a new card system.  You can purchase fuel susing your credit card or ATM card provided you have a PIN number attached to your card.

This service is located in the front car park of The Valley Tavern.

Wildflower Competition

Love your wildflowers? Enjoy taking photos? The Geraldton Visitor Centre is running a wildflower photo competition to see in the 2013 season, and here’s hoping it will be an outstanding season of colour and variety. The photos are to be taken of the first everlastings or wreath flowers located in the Midwest region. Photos with date display can be submitted by uploading to our Geraldton - Take a Fresh Look Facebook page. Please also include in your submission your full name and location of the wildflowers. The Geraldton Visitor Centre has five lots of double passes to the Queens Park Theatre on offer, so here is your chance to be one of the first to let everyone know its wildflower time!

Step On Tour Guide Training / Cruise Ship Sector

If you are interested in tourism and have a passion for Chapman Valley, then you may be interested in becoming a tour guide. 
The Geraldton Visitors Centre are very pleased to advise that Cherie Toovey, President of Tour Guides WA, has agreed to come to Geraldton to do a workshop for existing and potential Step on Tour Guides for the Cruise Sector.
Since the Geraldton Visitors Centre already have a tour that heads out to the Chapman Valley, and have also proposed a new one that includes the Lavender Farm, Tin Heads and Chapman Valley Museum, there is an opportunity for a potential candidate or two that could participate in the training.  It would be highly beneficial for both the City of Greater Geraldton and Shire of Chapman Valley to have locals showcasing the Valley and would assist in presenting proposed tours to the area in a professional and uniform manner.
The workshop is to be held on 18 July at Jodi McGuire’s Meeting Rooms at Floor 1, Victoria House, Bill Sewell Complex, Chapman Rd, Geraldton. We anticipate that the workshop will run from 8.30am until 4.30pm.
To register your interest please contact either Joanne Brown
Or Nicole Batten.  For further information call Joanne 99213999.

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Cat Sterilisation

As of 1st November 2013 the WA Cat Act will require all domestic cats aged six months and over to be sterilised (unless owned by a registered breeder), registered with your  local council and wearing a tag in a public place.

The advantages in sterilising your cats are;-

Males - Reduces likelihood of them fighting with other cats which in turn lessens the risk of wounds, abscesses or contracting Feline Aids or Leukaemia.
Females - Eliminates them coming into season once every three weeks, for eight months of the year. In season, they actively seek males until they are mated. Owners can find keeping them inside for these periods quite traumatic as females will yowl constantly and will draw interested male cats to chase them.

The Shire of Chapman Valley would like to offer a discount to low income earners and pensioners for the sterilisation of your feline friend.  To be able to do this we need to find out how many people are interested and meet the criteria.

If you are interested in receiving this discount please register your interest by no later than 16th July with the Shire of Chapman Valley by phoning Robyne or Earl on 9920 5011 or alternatively email or

Lost and Found

Do you know this dog?

This young adult female sterilised pooch is currently living in the Shire pound in Nabawa.  If you know who she belongs to or would like to take her home, please contact the Shire Ranger, Earl O'Donnell or phone the office 99205011 by the 12th July.
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Small Landholders Guide

Are you looking for information on small landholdings?
If yes, please download your free online copy by visiting NACC website.
This Small Landholder Guide has been compiled for managers and prospective managers of small holdings in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) of Western Australia. This practical Guide is intended to assist people who manage a block of land that is between 2.5 acres (1 ha) and 500 acres (200 ha) in area.

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Red Card for Red Fox

Baiting funds also available for a small membership fee to our Local Declared Species Group.  For more information contact Shire Landcare Officer.

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Nanson’s Old Roads Board Building Turns 100

This project is to commemorate 100 years of the original headquarters of local government in Chapman Valley, the Old Roads Board Building.  The building is now the focal point at the Chapman Valley Museum and the motivation behind the formation of the museum.

The building is undergoing conservation works to be able to install new display material and showcase the building as it was 100 years ago.  This project will be official reopening of the Old Roads Board building coinciding with its 100 year anniversary.

On Wednesday 11th September, the celebration will include a mock Council (or Chapman Valley Roads Board) meeting, Bush Poets, Market Stalls and more.  Morning Tea and lunch will be provided.

Thanks to Lotterywest and Federal Your Community Heritage Funding for providing grant assistance allowing this significant building to have a new lease of life.

Part of the celebration will be to showcase Chapman Valley local produce with local market stalls and homemade crafts.  If you are interested in having a stall contact Kerry Kupsch  99205050.
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The much loved Chapman Valley Community Directory is having a facelift!  
This edition will be combining the Yuna and Chapman Valley Community Directories!  This spiffy A5 directory will be on sale for $5 a copy at the Chapman Valley Primary School, Yuna Primary School and Chapman Valley Agricultural Show.  All proceeds go directly to our local P&C's and will do great things for our schools!

The cut-off for details to be submitted is 31 July 2013.  It will take you two minutes – literally - so go on - get it over and done with now!
New to the directory?
We would really appreciate it if you could fill in your details at  If you have any problems, please email Renaye Stokes or if you aren’t into the whole computer thing, phone Renaye on 9920 5555. 

Were you in the 2010 directory?
Everyone published in the second edition will be emailed a link where they can go and check their details are current - yes - no re-typing!  Yay!  If you have changed your email address since the 2010 edition, feel free to flick an email through and we'll get things changed for you. 

Council Meeting Dates for 2013

The Shire of Chapman Valley hereby gives public notice of its Ordinary Council meeting for 2013:

17 July 2013
21 August 2013
18 September 2013
October 2013
20 November 2013
11 December 2013

Council will meet at 10.00am in the Council Chambers at Nabawa (3270 Chapman Valley Road) on each ordinary meeting date.

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Working Minds

8 Chapman Valley local people have become more aware of the early warning signs of suicide as well as how to 'check in' with people who seem to be struggling.  This is was a part of the recent recent Working Minds - Suicide in the Workplace workshop, offered free to the community as part of the Shire pledge with One Life WA in promoting suicide awareness.  

Participants were encouraged to treat mental health like physical health and it doesn't hurt to ask the question "are you ok?"

The Shire of Chapman Valley have a reference group to help promote awareness as well as participate in other training opportunities.  To find out more information contact the Shire's Community Development Officer, or One Life WA Coordinator.

One Life WA will be present at the Chapman Valley Show with a Men's Health Pitstop as well as sponsoring the Chapman Valley Shearing Competition.

For more information on training and assistance contact:
Onelife, Beyond Blue, LIFE: Living is for Everyone, Lifeline WA

Chapman Valley Community Harvest Ball

Saturday 5th October

Keep this date free in your calendar for a great night out in Chapman Valle
Click HERE to contact the organising committee or download the flyer.
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TIRF Funding

The Federal Government has opened applications for the Tourism Industry Regional Development Fund Round 2.  Applications are being sought for projects that assist tourism operators to increase the quality and range of visitor experiences in regional Australia.  Funding of approximately $9.6 million is available for eligible projects, with approximately 50 projects expected to be funded in this round. Grants can be sought between $50,000 and $250,000 on a matched dollar-for-dollar basis.
Successful grant recipients will be expected to be already working closely with regional industry partners, tourism organisations and local authorities, especially where a development approval is anticipated.
Three streams are available including:
  • Quality improvement of existing tourism products and/or services.
  • Development of new innovative tourism experiences.
  • Increasing tourism labour supply and quality through Labour and Skills Enhance.
Online applications close at 11.59pm AEST on Wednesday 7 August 2013. Outcomes are expected to be advised in October 2013.  Projects will be able to start from December 2013 and must be completed by 31 March 2016.  Click here for Program Guidines.


Arts WA Project Fund
Funding up to $15 000.
This program is designed to assist West Australian regional, remote and very remote communities and artists to partner with professional artists and cultural leaders to create high quality arts projects, create activities that develop cultural networks, build capacity for long term benefits and increase professional development.

Closing date: Friday 9 August 2013 for projects beginning after 1st January 2014.
Click here for more information and guidlines.


(CSRFF) Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund

The program aims to increase participation in sport and recreation, with an emphasis on physical activity, through rational development of sustainable, good quality, well-designed and well-utilised facilities.

The type of projects which will be considered for funding include:
  • Upgrade and additions to existing facilities where they will lead to an increase in physical activity or more rational use of facilities.
  • Construction of new facilities to meet sport and recreation needs.
  • New or replacement (not resurfacing) of synthetic surfaces. Where an application is made for a new or synthetic surface, evidence of long-term planning for all nearby facilities is required.
  • Floodlighting projects – where an application is made for floodlighting projects, evidence must be provided that demonstrates if a transformer upgrade is required.
All projects must liaise with your local Sport and Recreation Officer and Local Government.  For more information visit the Department of Sport and Recreation website.


RAC Community Sponsorships

The next round of the RAC's Community Sponsorships program closes at 3pm on Monday 5 August 2013.

Applications to both categories will be accepted:
Community Partnerships up to $20,000
Grass Roots Grants up to $2,000

To find out more download the RAC Community Sponsorships Handbook

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