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Better Code Monday 23/12/19

Good day! 👋

Here are this week's three coding tips:

Tip #1 - Map 

Last week I shared with you, that the iterating-order of a JS object isn't maintained. A good alternative I found was using Map.

Here is what MDN says about Map.

"The Map object holds key-value pairs and remembers the original insertion order of the keys."
Find out more here.

Tip #2 - Utility Types 🛠

Are you working with Typescript? Here are 3 utility types that I found helpful:
  • Partial<T> - Constructs a type with all properties of T set to optional. 
  • Pick<T, K> - Constructs a type with a set of properties K of type T
  • Record<K, T> - Constructs a type by picking the set of properties K from T.

Tip #3 - DRI 🤓

Working in a team? Together with your team, always make sure that everyone has a specific area or task that he/she takes full ownership of.

Directly Responsible Individual (DRI), is a management concept used by Apple. It goes something like. "Great outcomes come if someone is explicitly responsible for something".

Being responsible for an area doesn't mean you will be doing everything by yourself. You can still work with a team. But you would be taking ownership and be responsible for that area. 😎

Read more Here.

If you know someone who might find this useful, sharing is appreciated! 👍🏼

These are the last coding tips for 2019, I will be back next year in mid-January. 

That is it for this year folks, I wish you a great relaxing vacations! 😊


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