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Better Code Monday 23/03/20

Good day/evening! 👋

I hope you are healthy and doing well!

Here are this week's three coding tips:

Tip #1 - One thing at the time 

When testing, try to test a single concept per test. Example 👇🏽
As always, it is a guiding principle. In some cases, it might make sense to break the rule. But it should be an exception rather than the rule. 😉

Tip #2 - Follow a schedule ⏰

Working remotely? It is easier than you think to over-work yourself. 🥱

Try to stick to a schedule. Start and end your workday at the same time every day. If possible have a dedicated spot for work.

This way it is easier for your brain to recognize that you are not working anymore. It makes it a lot easier to have real breaks from work!

Tip #3 - Short-termism 🚫

The boiling frog is a fable about a frog being slowly boiled alive. It is often a metaphor for the inability to react to threats that show up gradually rather than suddenly.

Short-term problems can become too distracting that we forget the bigger picture. 
Things like:
  • technical-debt
  • skills becoming obsolete 
  • losing to the competition

Are all side effects of thinking short-term. Short-termism applies to individuals, projects & organizations.

Both on a professional & personal level, It is worth asking - "In what area I am the frog?" 🐸
That is it folks, wish you a good week!

Stay safe & until next time! 👋


P.S: If you know someone who might find this useful, sharing is appreciated! 👍🏼

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