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Better Code Monday 03/02/20

Good day/evening! 👋

Here are this week's three coding tips:

Tip #1 - NestJS ✨

There are a lot of superb libraries, helpers and tools for Node. Yet, none of them solve the architecture problem.

Nest is an attempt to offer a solution. It is a framework for building efficient, scalable Node server-side applications.

Nest aims to provide an application architecture out of the box. It allows you to easily create apps that are both testable and maintainable.

Recommend checking it out here. 👌🏽

Tip #2 - One thing at the time 🧘🏽‍♂️

"Do one thing and do it well" - Unix philosophy

Try to limit your functions to doing only one thing. Following this rule makes your functions a lot easier to understand and test. 

Example 👇🏽

Tip #3 - Ask before you assume 🤔

Every time you join a new project, always try to ask and discuss workflows with your co-workers. There are many ways of doing things "right".

For instance, discuss the peer-review process. Make sure you share your expectations and hear your teammates' expectations.

Before assuming that everyone follows the "normal" process, double-check and discuss with others. It will pay-off! 💯

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That is it folks, wish you a good week & until next time! 👋


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