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Better Code Monday 01/06/20

Good day/evening! 👋

I hope you are healthy and doing well!

Here are this week's three coding tips:

Tip #1 - Stateful URLs

Working on a frontend that has some filters and search results? It might make sense to include some of the state in the URL.

An example using query params 👇🏽


The second example offers a lot better UX. It makes the url:
  • More sharable
  • Easy to bookmark the state
  • Navigation friendly
  • More SEO friendly

Tip #2 - Automation ROI

Wonder if it is worth to automate a task?

This chart can help you decide! 😁

Credits to xkcd for the image.

Tip #3 - Developers' code style

Every developer has their own way of writing code. Some ways might be less familiar to you.

Starting on a new project with a new team? Spend some time to get familiar with your new colleagues' coding style. Many differences in expectations? Don't get overwhelmed. Our craft is always evolving! Expect to pick up a few new things and share your coding style with others.
That is it folks, wish you a good week!

Stay safe & until next time! 👋


P.S: If you know someone who might find this useful, sharing is appreciated! 👍🏼

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