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Better Code Monday 19/11/19

Good day! 👋

Sorry for the delay, let's get right into it....Here are this week's three coding tips:

Tip #1 - Browser/Node support 😎

browserslist is the de facto tool when it comes to sharing target browsers and Node versions between different front-end tools:

All these tools will find target browsers automatically when you add the following to package.json:

Developers set versions list in queries like last 1 version and Browserslist will use Can I Use data for this queries.

Tip #2 - Turbo Console Log 🚀

Are you using VS Code? You may find Turbo Console Log extension handy.

This extension makes debugging much easier by automating the operation of writing a meaningful log message. 👇🏽

Tip #3 - Code Review Comments 

Have you ever looked at some code and wondered, "what does this do?" No comments, no context, no nothing...😿

One thing that could be helpful is digging into the old pull request comments that added that piece of code.

There is often a lot of contexts provided in the code review process. Starting from the pull request's description to the comments & feedback.

So next time you are lost, go ahead and check out the old closed pull request, your answer might be there! ✨


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