TriBune #8
January-February 2013

Dear Toastbusters, Moscow Free Speakers, soon-to-be-members, fellows and guests!

Welcome in the New Year 2013! Traditionally January is the time for summarizing results of the previous year and making plans on the coming one. 
 We decided to devote this issue to the members of our club.

Best of the Best in 2012

At the end of the year 2012 the Toastbusters Club hold the annual Award of the Best speakers! Hope you were there and celebrated that moment with us! If not - today you will have chance to find out more about the winners. So...our Best of the Best of the year 2012 are:

1)     Best Speaker 2012:

1st place – Serge Kuzin

In June 2012 Serge presented the project "Wake 'em up! The proven techniques to switch your audience on".

By the way, the Award (and the New Year Party) was held on December 20th. After it on December 26th we had one more meeting. At this meeting Serge confirmed the title by a very socially significant speech "An Inconvenient truth". We recommend you to watch the speech of it - follow the link.

2)      Best Personal Evaluator 2012:

1st place – Valentin Novikov

In November 2012 Valentin presented the great evaluation of the Denis Shevchuk's speech. 
Watch how it was by using the link.

3)      Best ToastMaster 2012:

1st place – Valeria Kholodkova

In August 2012 Valeria managed the meeting presenting the theme "Olympics" - very vivid and out-of-the-box. Valeria prized each speaker with the medal.

4)      Best Table Topics Master 2012:

1st place – Elena Jakobi

In May 2012 Elena rised the theme "Tourism. Activity+Location". All the speakers got their own topic: some location and some activity. For example, we were speaking about "wild tourism in New York", "charity month in Nizhny Novgorod", "fashion week in Moscow",  "all inclusive in Milan". It was very unusual and amasing.

5)      Best Ice-Breaker 2012:

1st place - Anna Tsimbrovskaya

In September 2012 Anna made her first very strong project "Follow your dreams".
Watch how it was by following the link.

6)      Best General Evaluator 2012:

1st place – Valentin Novikov

Yes, Valentin made the best evaluations in 2012! Double congratulations!

7)      Best Table Topics Speaker 2012:

1st place – Ivan Filippov

Ivan was our Best Table Topic Speaker for three times in 2012! Moscow Free Speakers Club also awarded Ivan in this nomination in this year.

In this way the history is made! Do your best and become the part of it in 2013! We are looking forward to your victories!
It was only the beginning of the way and the first year for our club. See you at our meeting!

Party photos

See the photos from the New Year party and find yourself on them!
You can watch them in our Yandex alboms.
Thank you for being with us!

Points in December
Toastmaster Henry Norman 4,0
Joke Master Andrey Rudenko 3,8
Speaker Ekaterina Shumilina 4,5
Speaker Diana Vereshagina 4,5
Table Topic Master Alexandra Borissova 3,3
General Evaluator Dmitry Vinokurov 3,0
Personal Evaluator Kirhty Srinivas  4,0
Personal Evaluator Igor Vinogradov 4,7
Grammarian Andrew Sergeev 3,3
Ah-Counter Yana Litvinova 3,7
Timer Alexander Tukov 3,8
Meeting Score   3,7

Toastmaster Dmitry Trapeznikov 4,0
Joke Master Mikhail Petrov 3,4
Speaker Kirhty Srinivas 3,6
Speaker Serge Kuzin 5,0
Table Topic Master Alexandra Kovaleva 3,3
General Evaluator Olga Dubovitskaya 4,0
Personal Evaluator Dmitry Trapeznikov 3,8
Personal Evaluator Denis Shevchuk 3,0
time penalty
Grammarian Yana Litvinova 3,6
Ah-Counter Alexander Tukov 3,6
Timer Andrey Rudenko 3,7
Meeting Score   3,7

Toastmaster Olga Dubovitskaya 3,9
Joke Master Victoria Greening 4,3
Speaker Sofia Lyashko 3,8
Speaker Mikhail Petrov 3,6
Speaker Elena Jakobi 3,3
time penalty
Table Topic Master Srinivas Kirthy 4,6
General Evaluator Henry Norman 4,1
Personal Evaluator Denis Shevchuk 3,1
time penalty
Personal Evaluator Tatyana Gladycheva 3,9
Personal Evaluator Andrey Kosilov 4,3
Grammarian Jason Cocoran 4,8
Ah-Counter Valeria Kholodkova 4,0
time penalty
Timer Yana Litvinova 4,0
Meeting Score   4,1



Photo of December
Kirthy Srinivas - the best TT Speaker!

and New Photos of January

Two presidents together
Elena Jakobi - the best TT Speaker!

Tribunes of 2012

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Now you have this opportunity!
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TB events in February

27/02/2013 regular meeting

Birthdays in February

Sergei Konakov - February 19th

Henry Norman - February 25th

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