TriBune #18
January-February 2015

Dear Toastbusters and members of our fellow clubs!
The beginning of the year 2015 has already proved to be a very active, creative and full of special outdoor and indoor events. It is a great pleasure to notice that four clubs of Moscow Toastmasters Community are becoming a big family going beyond just regular meetings twice a month. Especially Toastbusters and Worldsurfers succeeded in it organizing something new almost every weekend. Let's see in more details what we have already done in 2015:
New Year&Christmas Party
is preserved in history forever

In January the video about our Party was completed and those who have not watched it yet can do it HERE. People say its author managed to capture the warm and friendly atmosphere exactly as it was at the Party! Let's check!
Some sport? Always ready!
We started February playing volleyball! We found a sport hall in a school in the south of Moscow so it was fun not only to play volleyball but also to cros threshold of a school again! We are definitely going to do it again in the nearest future and of course hope that you join us in this exciting game!
Once a mafioso - always a mafioso.
After the first game in November 2014 many people asked us to repeat it. We were quite happy to hear this because we liked the game ourselves. On February 7th we gathered for Mafia for the second time! This time there were even more participants, more rounds, harder and more reasoned discussions and accusations of being a mafioso! We will repeat it in spring for sure, so just stay tuned!
Personal revelations.. What can it be?
In January we also held a special meetingThe theme of the meeting was "My personal revelation". Six speakers performed their project. We dedicated the meeting to something new that our speakers have revealed in 2014 or what impressed them some time ago! 

On Sunday 15th our fellow club Worldsurers organizes ice skating! Everyone is welcome to meet in Gorky Park at 5 p.m and open a new vivid page of WorldSurfers history. 

We encourage Moscow Free Speakers and Redefluss Moskau join us outdoor more actively, we are planning even more fun to happen soon!

We are happy to announce that Olga Dubovitskaya (our VPE) has achieved the Competent Communicator designation! On January 21-st 2015, Olga completed her tenth project in the CC Manual. Once the CC has been achieved the Toastmaster then can go on to more advanced projects with 15 manuals to choose from. Let's see which manuals she will choose!

February 28th is coming and as you all remember that is exactly the day when the 6th International Toastmasters Conference in Moscow starts! If you have not watched the invitation video to the Conference you can do it HERE.
We have more than 50 people who have registered to the event & more than 3/4 of the conference roles are already taken! Unfortunately the registration for the After Party has been closed because of  limited number of tickets! But you still have time to register to the Conference itself, remember that "Late Bird" ticket is 1000 rub/person and is valid from January 1st till February 27th. In the day of Conference the fee will be 1500 rub/person. 
Learn more about the coming event HERE.

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