TriBune #9
March 2013

Dear Toastbusters, friends, fellows and guests!

If you are a frequent guest at our meetings, you have already noticed that Toastbusters Moscow Club is rapidly growing!

Only in 2013 within just the first 3 months we registered 6 (!) new members! So this first spring issue of TB Tribune is logically devoted to our recent Ice-Breakers! :)

Welcome our new Toastbusters!
Ekaterina Shumilina
Ikpeme Bassey
Yana Litvinova
Victoria Greening
Jason Corcoran
Anton Smyslov

For many of our experienced members as well as for newcomers and guests an Ice-Breaking speech is a concept that seems to be quite far away from the reality.

Nevertheless it's one of the biggest steps in becoming an experienced Speaker and a Toastmaster!

So in this Tribune we decided to kill two birds with one stone :) We want to evoke in our members' minds this thrilling and nerve-racking feeling of 'the 1st speech', as well as to incline our soon-to-be-members to step up and make up their minds to delivering an Ice-Breaker as soon as you, guys, are ready! :)

To help you do that we interviewed TWO our prospective 'Ice-Breaking' Toastbusters and now we want to share their answers with you!

Meet Yana Litvinova!

Yana made her Ice-Breaker on February 27 and she's ready to share her experience, fears and satisfaction with us!

Q#1. Yana, how long was your journey from your 1st visit to TB till the Ice-Breaking day?

It was a rather long journey, about 4 months :) 

Q#2. What minor roles did you take? Which of these roles you liked/disliked the most and why?

I have taken all the minor roles, thus an Ah-counter, a Grammarian and a Timer.
What I liked in a Timer role most of all is a feeling of power and that no one would add me into a Timer's report ))) But actually timer is the most simple role among these 3 roles, as I think, because it includes only work with a stop-watch.
To be a Grammarian is much more difficult and interesting, it requires higher concentration to notice mistakes, sometimes they are easy to pick out, sometimes I realized that a person made a mistake with a delay. But it is really useful to search for mistakes in other's speeches.
Ah-counter is also an interesting role, it made me pay attention to the variety of gestures and sounds people tend to use as pause-fillers, I have not even seen some of them before. But I felt that it was really difficult for me to make my report not banal, you know, from my point of view it is really boring to enumerate people one by one and say how many "ah-s" they used.

It is necessary to MAKE people remember their weak points in order to correct them next time, and not simply listen to something and forget it in 5 minutes. So it was my idea, and I felt that I had to give a report in this manner, but I was both shy and nervous, so I could not manage with it as I wanted to do it.
That's why I think that these small roles are also important and plan to take them periodically together with future big projects :)

Q#3. Was it hard to make up your mind to the ice-breaker? Were you hesitating about being ready or not to the project? 

It was not hard to make up my mind to the Ice-breaker, is was so logical after 3 minor roles, so I was more or less prepared to take this most difficult first step)) As they say one only has to start.

But certainly my confidence decreased as the desired date was coming nearer. Actually that Wednesday I was really nervous, but it is silly to step back, so I had to overcome this and speak. Also I know that I need it for my personal development, because I am very shy and it disturbs me really and I want to start getting pleasure from speaking in front of an audience.

To be honest I have never liked to speak in front of a group of people from school and in the institute as well. Both shyness and a knowledge that more than half of them are not interested to listen to you at all have increased my unwillingness to speak. But at the same time I am so admired when I hear a really fascinating speech, that I get a natural desire to do it the same and even better :)

Meet Anton Smyslov!

Anton delivered his Ice-Breaking speech exactly one month after Yana's project, on March 27!  Now let's see what Anton thinks of his first speech!

Q#1. Anton, how long did it take you to get to your Ice-Breaking day?

It took me more than 6 months to find courage and break the ice :)

Q#2. What minor roles did you take? Which of these roles you liked/disliked the most and why?

I was a timer and a grammarian. The roles are ok, but there is one potential problem: if you are very impressed with the speaker or really interested in the subject, you can easily forget your duties and start just listening…

Q#3. Was it hard to make up your mind to the ice-breaker? Were you hesitating about being ready or not to the project?

I made the final decision as soon as I determined the topic. The content for me was of great importance.

Q#4. Anton, did you feel nervous? If yes, how did you overcome this fear?

It was obvious I did feel nervous in the beginning! How did I manage? Hmm, why not tell about that during one of the upcoming projects?.. :)

Q#5. Well, do you now feel satisfied with your first project? What's your speaking plan now: speak as much as you can or take a pause?

I feel well satisfied! First, I managed to overcome the nervousness, which is of great importance for a public speaker. Second, I made people smile at least a couple of times during my presentation.



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