TriBune #11
June-July 2013

Dear fellow Toastbusters, soon-to-be members and guests!
Although a usual club's summer in Moscow is a lot like "dog days" when many of Toastbusters go on vacation, the summer of 2013 was (and still is) healthy & wealthy & full of events :) 

First of all we would like to announce the RESULTS of the summer Speech Contest that we held at Toastbusters on June 26th.

5 glorious contestants fought for the 1st prize, the audience was attentive and the judges - strict but fair.

Please, welcome the winners! 
1st place: Drusia Dickson
with her Ice-Breaker - "In Humanities"
2nd place: Margarita Ryndina, ACS, ALB
with an advanced project - "If you are lucky"

3rd place: Dmitry Vinokurov
with his 4th CC project - "Making a TO-DO list for a travel"

And our special congratulations to Serge Kuzin who was awarded with Silver Medal for achieving Advanced Communicator Silver title this year!


Creative Club Meeting!

Second of all we'd like to announce that by the end of September our club will hold an unusual event - a THEME CREATIVE meeting.

The thing is that we have too many ideas and we need your help to choose the best topic for the meeting!

If you haven't given your voice yet, please review the 7 creative options that we came up with in this online poll and tick the ones you feel are the best.

We do look forward to your responses. Help us make a really cool meeting!

Leadership module fulfilled!

On July 24th Henry Norman, ACS, successfully fulfilled the Leadership module: "Working in the Team Environment" - a necessary step for the achievement of the Advanced Communicator Gold Award

The whole meeting was devoted to this module. It was a rather unusual but definitely a very useful experience for all club members and guests. Lots of provocative questions were raised and many of them solved during the meeting.   

Club requisite update!
YES! We finally got it! :)
Meet our official Toastbusters Moscow BANNER that arrived this July.
See it displayed proudly at every TB meeting.
Apart from TM souvenirs, multiple ribbons and other awards all Toastbusters Officers are now equipped with personal BUSINESS CARDS! 

Approach any officer during our meeting to get one.

What's NEW?

Speech Contests snapshots!
 On June 26 our club witnessed an unprecedented number of guests - there are 9 people on the stage! :)

Drusia Dickson - the winner with the golden ribbon! 

Want to see more pics?
Click here!  

Select Distinguished Club 2012-2013!

This year Toastbusters Moscow received its first official title in the DCP program!

We are the
Select Distinguished Club! 

6 goals were successfully achieved in total which is a very good result for
such a young club like ours! :)

Congratulations to all our members and friends who contributed to the achievement of this reward!

Going beyond!

We keep uploading new club videos on our TB youtube channel!

Watch them here!

Click here to become our friend!

Birthdays in July & August

Victoria Greening - July 8
Alexandra Borissova - July 17
Mary Beketova - July 18
Dmitry Vinokurov - July 22
Alexey Gavrisin - July 26
Mikhail Gusev - August 15
Tatiana Gladycheva - August 19

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