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April 2014

International TM Conference in Moscow:


Dear fellow Toastmasters,

Two weeks have passed from that great weekend on April 5-6th that we had the International Toastmasters Conference in Moscow! Take a short glance back. Doesn't it feel like it was just yesterday? :)

Well for some of us it certainly does feel this way! We used this time to get feedback, gather testimonials, create a movie, collect pictures and lots videos and it took some time to summarize it all.

And we are so glad that we have a chance to share all this feedback with you! :)

Community, learning and fun - these are the 3 essential ingredients in the recipe of happiness for a human being, the scientists discovered. Once you realize that there is a place where you can get all this, it makes you press the button "book now" again. This urge brought Georg Schmidt, the TM from Cologne to Moscow since the International Toastmasters Conferences of Toastmasters are exactly the right place where we communicate, learn and have fun. This is the event that enabled more than 10 participants from Europe to come and discover Russia.

The 5th conference in Moscow brought together 100 Toastmasters from Russia, USA, Germany and other countries in the comfortable premises at American Culture Centre to enjoy the fabulous time of learning and sharing.

It has become the biggest conference of TMs ever held in Moscow!
  • We welcomed 13 guests from Europe and 4 guests from the newborn club in St.Petersburg
  • We shared ideas and discussed common issues in 2 languages: English and German.
  • We got to know each other's club closer and better!

We learned a lot!
  • From workshops on leadership, speech building and improvisation.
  • From the contestants speeches and what is it that makes a speech a winning speech.
  • And we know much better now what it takes to create such an inspiring event! :)
We had fun!
  • A fabulous party with speeches, toasts and drinks!
  • A sightseeing tour followed by informal communication and local food degustation.
  • We enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere of friendship, cooperation and unity!

Every Toastmaster conference is the opportunity to grow through competing with other speakers. And this time the competition was even tougher since it involved many experienced Toastmasters from different countries, native and non-native speakers!

English part:
Speech contest: 1. Serge Kuzin; 2. Georg Schmidt; 3. Denis Shevchuk

Evaluation contest: 1. Andrey Kosilov; 2. Denis Shevchuk; 3. Paul Polich

Table topics contest: 1. Paul Polich; 2. Thomas Hulbert; 3. Alex Kozhura

German part:
Speech contest: 1. Brigitte Herder; 2. Irina Moos; 3. Evgenia Levina

Evaluation contest: 1. Andrej Kirac; 2. Franz Jankowski; 3. Monika Graeter

Table topics contest: 1. Larisa Zorina; 2. Evgenia Levina; 3. Andrej Kirac

We thank all the participants for being the part of this remarkable event, we thank our guests to have made the difficult way (overcoming the airline strike) to Moscow and thank every member if the Organisation team for the dedicated service in making the event happen!


What people say:

From Vienna, more big thanks to the organizers for your efforts this fun weekend and welcoming me to participate, starting with Larisa!

I really enjoyed meeting you charming Toastmasters from Russia and other countries I hope to visit Russia again, and I will see some of you in Krakow soon.
Paul Polich

A big thank you to the entire organisation team for making this fantastic international conference in Moscow happen!!!

I'm always impressed again to see how much positive influence a 4 days trip to a toastmasters conference can have. Next time I will stay definitely a few days longer! Meanwhile I pushed already the "Book Now" button for Cracow

Georg Schmidt

Dear Larisa, dear Toastmasters,

I thank you very much for your hospitality, friendship and very good organisation of the Moscow conference. I was overwhelmed by the very good spirit, extraordinary speeches and as well the international understanding. I am greeting you from Köln.

Leo Wohlschlager

Thanks everybody for the dreadfully exciting day. You guys made my day and I'm almost convinced to push that 'book now' button. The next is Kraków, yeah?

Elena Dyakonova

Hi Colleagues,

also from my site, thank you very, very much for this great three days. It was one of the best weekends in my life.

Thanks also a lot for the great participation and teamwork during the Impro Workshop. It was a great experience for me and I had a lot of fun.

Best regards from south germany,

Robert Andrashko

More nice words here! :)

We have so-o-o many COOL pictures from the Conference we can't wait to share with you!

So take a cup of coffee and a brownie and enjoy your time watching and finding yourself on these photos! :)  

100+ funny pictures including the opening, coffee-breaks, contests and a gorgeous collection of pics from the Conference After-party! :)

70+ Day 1 photos, including many contests, awards session and LOTS of great portrait pictures!

200+ pictures from our interational guests in three wonderful collections: flying there and back, focusing on German section, having fun in Moscow bars, sightseeing in Moscow! And of course, Day 1 & 2 of the Conference! :) 


YES! We have composed a movie! )

Watch the best moments of the Conference in a 4+ min movie by WorldSurfers:


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