TriBune #1
May 2012

Dear Toastbusters, Moscow Free Speakers, soon-to-be-members, fellows and guests!
Here it is – our first issue of a monthly Toastbusters Newsletter TriBune!
We bet you should know what it’s gonna be about –

Toastbusters Outdoor Party!
Those of you who participated will easily find themselves on a huge amount of pictures that we are lucky to have and happy to share with you. Well, those who skipped it – take at least a glimpse on them to see what you’ve missed!
We had a kind of a program and we did manage to follow all the objectives :) 

  • We ate and drank;
  • We played volleyball and frisbee;
  • We said toast and listened to the flute;
  • We played alias and twisted our bodies on Twister;
  • We talked and laughed;
  • We had a lot of fun!
Shall we make it a tradition? What do you think? :) 

Table Topics Contest!

New club - new initiatives! 

On June 27 Moscow Toastbusters Club is holding a brand new event - First Table Topics Contest in the history of Russian English-speaking clubs! 

We invite you all to come to participate in our Table Topics Discussions where dozens of members would strive for the Gold Prize - the Best Table Topics Speaker!

4 experienced members would also fight for the other Award - the Best Table Topics Master! 

Shall it be a great battle?! Come and be all eyes! Great time guaranteed!

TB Executive Committee for
July-December 2012

We are currently forming a Toastbusters Executive Commitee for the nearest 6 months.

Those members who want to develop their leardership skills, earn strong credit for TM Leadership program and make friends with fellow officers - are invited to nominate themselves for elections to the officers' positions

Don't wait! Write to right NOW!


Photos from the Party!
Playing Twister!  Playing Frisbee!
Our new TB member :) 

 More photos here >>

Club speeches in May

Since we had only one meeting in May we had only one project delivered.

Mary Beketova, the current President of Toastbusters delivered her 9th speech from the CC manual. She chose a difficult and provoking topic - Charity.

Watch her project on TB Youtube channel!

TB events in June

13/06/2012 - regular meeting

27/06/2012 - Table Topics Contest

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