TriBune #3
July-August 2012

Dear Toastbusters, Moscow Free Speakers, soon-to-be-members, fellows and guests!
We have a bunch of great stuff going on in our club
 and the 3rd issue of Toastbusters TriBune is devoted to it.
We have made some interesting additions for you at

Toastmaster Magazine
We did it! Now you can find and download the PDF versions of the Toastmaster Magazine in the section of Free Resources at our website.

Feel free to use them!

If you want to read the issues of the magazine for 2007-2011, you can find them by the link:
Flash version or PDF version - choose one for yourself!
Here you can find the article “From Glasnost to Russia Today” (June 2011) written by Denis Shevchuk about the Moscow Free Speakers Club.

NOTE: this magazine is worldwide published for Toastmasters members and announces what is going on in Toastmasters clubs all over the world.

with our Members

We are going to set up a tradition of making the Interviews with the members of the Toastbusters and Toastmasters clubs.
Why did they join Toastmasters? How did it help them to  improve their public speaking skills?
We asked them to share their experience with us.
Important: You will find the first interview in the next issue of the TriBune and at our website!

Toastmaster Ivan Filippov 4,5
Joke Master Maxim Ilchenko 4,5
Grammarian Maxim Tsvetov 4,6
Ah-Counter Tatyana Berezhnaya 4,0
Timer Gulnaz Sharipova 4,4
Speaker Mary Beketova 3,6
Speaker Valeria Kholodkova 3,4
General Evaluator Olga Dubovitskaya 3,0
Table Topic Master Alexey Kravtsun 3,8
Personal Evaluator Denis Shevchuck 2,6
Personal Evaluator Dmitry Trapeznikov 3,2
Meeting Score   4,3
Toastmaster Olga Dubovitskaya 3,0
Joke Master Sofia Lyashko 4,0
Grammarian Nomzamo Ngnoma 3,0
Ah-Counter Dmitry Vinokyrov 3,2
Timer Tatyana Berezhnaya 3,3
Speaker Ivan Filippov 3,3
Speaker Alexey Gavrisin 3,5
General Evaluator Henry Norman 3,7
Table Topic Master Maxim Ilchenko 3,5
Personal Evaluator Alexandra Borissova 4,8
Personal Evaluator Valeria Kholodkova 3,8
Meeting Score   3,5

Toastmaster Valeria Kholodkova  5,0
Joke Master Dmitry Vinokyrov 4,0
Grammarian Dmitry Trapeznikov 4,0
Ah-Counter Ekaterina Shumilina 4,0
Timer Tatyana Gladycheva 4,0
Speaker Sofia Lyashko 4,7
General Evaluator Andrey Kosilov 4,3
Table Topic Master Ivan Filippov 4,0
Personal Evaluator Maxim Tsvetov 4,0
Meeting Score   4,7


New Executive Committee
Do you know the names of the New Executive Committee, which was elected on July 11th?
If not yet, see them by this link.

The Committee will work for half a year, till the end of December 2012.
Please welcome the new team!


Some Photos from the last meetings

Mary Beketova is presenting the new President Maxim Tsvetov [11.07.2012]
Maxim Tsvetov, the best Table Topics Speaker [11.07.2012]
Ivan Filippov, the best Table Topics Speaker [25.07.2012]
Paul Byrne, the best Table Topics Speaker [08.08.2012]
Of course, the new videos are dowloaded on Toastbusters youtube channel. 

1. Max
August 14th
2. Alexander
August 17th

3. Ekaterina
 - August 30th
4. Ludmila
 - August 31st

TB meetings in August
22/08/2012 - next meeting

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