TriBune #6
November 2012

Dear Toastbusters, Moscow Free Speakers, soon-to-be-members, fellows and guests!

In such cold and rainy November weather we hope this new issue of Toastbusters TriBune will cheer you up a little bit, like a nice cup of warm mulled wine!

Besides, we've got some really HOT NEWS to share with you! :)

What has happened to TB President - Maxim Tsvetov?

Terrible thing happened! At the very end of October a bunch of Halloween monsters have carried our dear President away to the cold-cold country full of snow! At least for one year time!

Scared? You shouldn't be. Because we're joking :) But there is also truth. Maxim did move to Canada with his family to gain new experience and, of course, to start some more Toastbusters clubs! :)

We will certainly miss him here in Moscow, but we promise that our Toastbusters club will continue growing and moving foward! We want to thank Maxim for his enthusiasm and contribution to the club and let's wish him lots of luck!     

We wouldn't be real Toastbusters if we let Maxim go without any warm words to our Club :) So we asked him to give us a nice positive kick in a short interview. 
Q. What is Toastmasters and Toastbusters for you?
A. Supportive environment for developing several skills at once - public speaking, leadership, self-confidence and of course - the English language. 
Q. For how many years are you the member of TM?

A. For 2 years.
Q. What is the greatest value that you have got in Toastmasters?
A. The value of self-organization. It's just a miracle that unlike other organizations TM develops almost without money, only by enthusiasm of people who wants to support this learning environment.
Q. How many projects do you recommend members to make during one year (or one month)?
A. As much as possible for you. The more you invest, the more you receive. But don't try to keep up with others, we are not to compete here, but to develop ourselves. Play in your own rhythm.
Q. What would you advise to fellow members and guests of Toastbusters?
A. When you are on the stage - don't think that everybody wants you to fail. We all want you to succeed!
Thank you, Maxim!

Who will be our President now?
A club cannot exist and develop without a President - a dedicated fellow member who takes care about literally everything that happens within the organization.

Toastbusters Moscow is not an exception.

Lucky us that we have Dmitry Trapeznikov -
an experienced and devoted Toastmaster!  

Toastbusters Executive Committee asked Dmitry to take the responsibility of being our deputy President at least till the end of the current term.

So let's greet the new members (yes, we have one more! :)) of the EC team!

Meet Dmitry Trapeznikov -
Deputy TB President!

Meet Ekaterina Shumilina -
new Vice President Membership!  

Points of October
Toastmaster Oxana Sibileva 4,0
Joke Master Igor Chebaniaev 4,0
Grammarian Tatyana Zlenko 4,0
Ah-Counter Ekaterina Shumilina 3,8
Timer Alexandra Kovaleva 3,8
Speaker Mihkail Petrov 3,0
Speaker Sergey Kuzin 4,5
General Evaluator Maxim Tsvetov 4,2
Table Topic Master Dmitry Trapeznikov 4,0
Personal Evaluator Tatyana Gladysheva 4,2
Personal Evaluator Henry Norman 2,5
(time penalty)
Meeting Score   3,8
Toastmaster Henry Norman 3,4
Joke Master Ekaterina Shumilina 4,0
Grammarian Ekaterina Shumilina 3,8
Ah-Counter Sergey Maslov 2,9
(time penalty)
Timer Dmitry Vinokurov 4,6
Speaker Sergey Konakov 3,1
Speaker Denis Shevchuk 3,7
General Evaluator Elena Jakobi 4,6
Table Topic Master Tatyana Gladysheva 3,6
(time penalty)
Personal Evaluator Dmitry Trapeznikov 2,6
(time penalty)
Personal Evaluator Valeria Kholodkova 3,7
(time penalty)
Meeting Score   3,9



Meet us at our photos! (October 2012)
Oxana Sibileva, our Toastmaster on October 10th
Sergey Kuzin - the best TT Speaker and Maxim Tsvetov - our 'runaway' TB President :)
Denis Shevchuk builds 'Win-Win' negotiation with Sergey Konakov
Elena Jakobi - the best TT Speaker and Dmitry Trapezinkov - deputy President!

 More photos from the meeting on October 24th here >>

TB events in November
14/11/2012 - regular meeting

21/11/2012 regular meeting

NOTE! The 2nd meeting is in just ONE week!


Birthdays in November

1. Dmitry Trapeznikov
November 8th

2. Sergey Kuzin
November 17th

3. Maria Mokrushina
November 21th

Videos in October

A bunch of new videos was recently downloaded to the official Toastbusters youtube channel! 

Feel free to watch them and leave your comments >>

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