TriBune #4
September 2012

Dear Toastbusters, Moscow Free Speakers, soon-to-be-members, fellows and guests!
Here is the 5th
issue of Toastbusters TriBune to your attention.
We have made some interesting additions for you at

Toastmaster Magazine
Have you read the latest issues of Toastbuster Magazine? 
We download the PDF vertions of August and September issues for you! 

Find them by the link!

Some remark for the new members: this magazine is worldwide published for Toastmaster members and announces what is going on in Toastmaster clubs all over the world.

Interviews. Part 1

We started our project of interviewing members of Toastmasters and guests.
In the first part you will find out:
  • what does Gabriel Cortez like most about Toastmasters and what is his impression about Toastmasters;
  • what is the most memorable thing in Toastmasters for Rex Van Almsick.

Follow the link at Toastbusters youtube channel and be in the theme!

The project is to be continued!



Toastmaster Alexandra Borissova 3,2
Joke Master Zhokova Veronika 1,5
(time penalty)
Grammarian Elena Jakobi 2,9
Ah-Counter Alexandra Dzhangolskaya 2,7
Timer Vasily Ponomarev 3,4
Speaker Olga Dubovitskaya 3,3
Speaker Denis Shevchuk 2,0
(time penalty)
General Evaluator Amy Lin 3,8
Table Topic Master Alexandra Kovaleva 3,1
Personal Evaluator Valentin Novikov 3,2
Personal Evaluator Maxim Tsvetov 3,8
Meeting Score   3,5


Some Photos from the meeting on August, 22
ToastMaster Alexandra Borissova enlightened us of the history of Toastmasters Club in Moscow.Valentin Novikov - the best TT Speaker!
Ami Lin, the General Evaluator 

Some new videos are dowloaded on Toastbusters youtube channel!

TB events in September

26/09/2012 - next meeting

Birthdays in September

1. Alexandra Kovaleva - Sept 1st
2. Jihyun Jung
 Sept 2nd
3. Natalia Gribova 
Sept 15th
4. Irina Skurikhina Sept 25th
5.  Ann Yasnitskaya Sept 29th

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