TriBune #19
Jul/Aug 2015

Dear Toastbusters, Moscow Free Speakers, Worldsurfers, soon-to-be-members, fellows, guests... oh, that's too long already:) In one word,
Dear Moscow Toastmasters community members!
May we bring to your attention
the first issue of Toastbusters TriBune, prepared by the new 2015/16 Executive Committee, that is devoted to the two previous summer months!
New TM Year - new plans!
The new Toastmasters year 2015/16 promises to be positive & rich with both club educational events and entertaining inside and outdoor events.

First of all, the Executive committee was, so to speak, "enriched" by two new and perspective Toastbusters members, who were brave enough and ready to take this small challenge: Rahim Saatov (the VPM) and Tatiana Kurochkina (the Secretary)! Together with the "eldest" EC members they have already started making our club better and better :) 

At the very first EC meeting on July 15-th we analyzed the past year and its results, and of course, brainstormed and  developed a new plan.. of taking over the world! :) Oh no, that was another meeting:) This time we developed only a plan for Toastbusters upcoming year:)

So what to expect this autumn?
  • Two challenging qualification contests: Humorous Speech & Table Topics. Ready to watch that "public speaking battle" among Toastbusters members? Then do not hesitate to come and support the brave participants:)
  • Special meetings: a humorous one - the Talk show night (was held on this very Wednesday, check the report below:), and an educational one - a speech festival;
  • "Outclub" events: we will not reveal all the secrets right now, but for sure, those of you, who are in love with searching for some hidden things outside & solving the tasks, that will lead you to the necessary place, will definitely get a portion of happiness with us:)
We hope that each & every member of our friendly community will find an event for one's liking, so stay tuned and fill your Toastmasters schedule :)

DCP 2014/15 results

Success of any TM club is measured with the Distinguished Club Program results. And the last reminder of the previous year, which will gladden us throughtout the current year & at the same time will serve as a minimum goal to achieve for the next year, is as follows!

We are happy to announce, that Moscow Toastbusters club was awarded with the Select Distinguished Club title – 6 goals out of 10 were successfully achieved.
Thanks to our pro-active members this year was rich of Communicator and Leadership awards!  And here is the proof:

Talk show night report:)

On September the 2-nd we successfully held a special entertaining meeting: a real Talk Show, devoted to the following topic, "Marriage: a traditional or an extraordinary one"! So here is the deal:)

A young couple, Daria and Dima, was invited to the studio to share with us their problem. They are on the threshold of serious changes in their lives - wedding day is coming soon! But here is a question: which way of wedding celebration to choose? Either follow their parents' advice and invite lots of relatives and friends to the cafe, take part in a range of
traditional contests from a toastmaster, dance, break the wineglasses and bite the loaf. Or deny all these standard ideas, move to Prague, walking around small streets and enjoying each other the whole day, and at last spend the night in a real castle!

After a long heated discussion with the parents, friends of the family, invited experts, certainly, under control of a wonderful host, whose patience & pacific disposition made the whole process smooth & harmonic, D&D managed to find a compromise!
Want to know which one?:) Check our Youtube channel to solve this intrigue :)

People say that the night was a fantastic one, involving acting and imagination and artistic approach, great idea to expand Toastmasters mission:) So we can say that the first special meeting, organized by the new Executive Committee, can be recognized successful!

Stay tuned with Toastbusters! :)



Photos from the Talk show:)
Dasha & Dima - charming bride & bridegroom
Tanya & Rahim - loving parents
Sergey - an extremely active Toastmaster, want to get his phone?:)

Andrey - a professional of extraordinary weddings

Check our Facebook for more photos

Ice Breakers in Jul/Aug
Ice Breaker is the first & the most important (sometimes scaring)) step of a long Toastmasters journey for any new member. The emotions we feel during this step are exciting, thrilling, or indescribable for someone:) 

Let us remember those pathfinders, who started their TM way with Toastbusters in July-August:

Evgeniy Kotelevskiy, "Wine tourism as a new way of travelling";
Sviatoslav Kalanteyev, "Of Lumberjacks and Startupers".
Guys, good luck & shining speeches to you!

Upcoming birthdays

1. Nadezhda Zherebina - Sep 9

2. Dmitry Smirnov - Sep 20

3. Petr Kubantsev - Sep 20

4. Alla Arlan - Sep 21

D95 Conference in Prague
Perhaps, many of you have already heard smth. about the Prague Conference of Toastmasters District 95, which is going to be held on November 20-21 this year.

And this year, Moscow Toastmasters at last will represent our community at this annual event. If you want to join this company of travellers, welcome the TMI president of D95 for the first time, communicate with the Toastmasters from other countries, and simply enjoy Prague, do not hesitate to check the official conference website here, or contact Moscow Area representatives.

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