TriBune #2
July 2012

Dear Toastbusters, Moscow Free Speakers, soon-to-be-members, fellows and guests!
May we bring to your attention
the 2nd issue of Toastbusters TriBune that is devoted to the month of June!
We are lucky to have such an active officers' team that is able and capable of bringing to life all sorts of entertaining (as well as useful) initiatives, such as, for instance...

Table Topics Contest!
We did it! We held the first Table Topics Contest in the history of Russian English-speaking TM clubs on June 27! :) 

We want to thank all members and guests, especially those who participated actively and helped us prepare this unusual meeting.

We also want to share with you the names of the winners!

Best Table Topics Masters are:
  • Valeria Kholodkova, CC, AL-B - 1st place 
  • Maxim Tsvetov - 2nd place

Best Table Topics Speakers are:
  • Mary Beketova, CC - 1st place 
  • Paul Burne - 2nd place
  • Tatyana Gladysheva - 3rd place

Find yourself on the pictures that we took at the contest! :)

Of course, dozens of videos are dowloaded on Toastbusters youtube channel. 

And, what's even more important, we have a number of very useful testimonials. Read what people liked and disliked about our contest! 

Moscow Toastbusters registered!

We bet you didn't know the strangest secret that our officers carefully concealed for more than 5 months! :) 

Moscow Toastbusters Club existed in reality but it didn't have a record within the
International Toastmasters system

Well, now it DOES!

Congratulations to us with the official registration of Moscow Toastbusters!

And here is the proof:

We have also updated the list of members on our official website so now there are no more secrets! :) 

Want to see your name and photo on this list?

Join us!

Officers Elections:

July-December 2012

Toastbusters next meeting (July 11th) is an important one!

We are holding Executive Commitee Elections for the nearest 6 months.

Want to know who the candidates are? Ready to share your opinion with the current officers team?

Come and leave your voice pro or contra!  

Important: only current Toastbusters members are eligible to vote! 


Photos from the Contest!
Mary Beketova - the best TT Speaker! People play it by ear!Timers carefully watch the time 
Valeria Kholodkova  - the best TT Master!

 More photos here >>

Club speeches in June

Due to an emergency with a camera we didn't record videos from the 1st meeting of June, although eyewitnesses said they all were worth watching! :( 

Fortunately we learn from our mistakes and had camera backups for Table Topics Contest!

Here you can watch a number of videos that we took at the event - among which you will find the winners' records as well! Enjoy! 

TB events in July

11/07/2012 - Officers Elections!

25/07/2012 - regular meeting

Birthdays in July

1. Maxim Tsvetov - July 10th

2. Alexandra Borissova - July 17th

3. Mary Beketova - July 18th

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