TriBune #20
Autumn 2015

Dear Moscow Toastmasters community members & guests!
Autumn, especially in poetry, has often been associated with melancholia. Influenced by Samhain, a Celtic autumn festival, autumn can be associated with Halloween & pumpkins. Autumn also has a strong association with the end of summer holiday and the start of a new school year...
Hey, and with what was this autumn associated in Toastbusters? Let's remember it together! :)
It was contest time!
This autumn was real contest time, became a true "public speaking battle" among Toastbusters members. Two challenging qualification contests: Humorous Speech & Table Topics, were successfully conducted in our club.

Why qualification? Because we're in the Area now, and can hold not only inner club contests, but think wider! The winners of inner contests automatically engage in competition with the winners of the same contest of other Moscow TM clubs at the Area level.

So let's welcome the best impromptu speakers of our club, meaning the TT contest winners:
1 place: Sergey Kuzin, ACS
2 place: Max Silin, CC, CL
3 place: Tatiana Kurochkina

...And the most humourous public speakers:

1 place: Max Silin, CC, ALB
2 place: Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB
3 place: Alexey Kravtsun, CC

Girls & boys, let the honour of Toastbusters club at the Area level will be heavily guarded by you! :)

A season of outclub events  

This autumn was also significant for two outclub events, we successfully organized! They were: the ToastQuest & Mafia

Both these events have already became a sort of traditional ones. And we strive to make them even more entertaining and well-organized. Why? Because a successful event makes our members and guests pleased, satisfied and arouses in them a strong wish to stay with us further & further. Nothing can be better than this. :)
So let's remember how it was all together!

On October 10, seven brave Toastmasters didn't take any fright of autumn weather and enjoyed our ToastQuest! Two teams, Smart&Fast and Dve Blodinki i Moryak (Two Blondes and a Sailor), competed with each other in resolving riddles about foreigners in Moscow. Running around the city centre searching for mysterious sights, dramatizing the British Queen visit, developing creative power - we hope, these memories will stay in your minds for long!

If you want to see some photos from the ToastQuest, check our Facebook event here. Hope next time you'll find yourself there as well ;)

November 14 became a day devoted to betrayal, lynching innocents in the hope of killing someone bad, convincing people that you were a good person when you were really bad... in a nutshell, it became a Mafia day! About 15 Toastmasters from different clubs joined this event to spend the evening "killing" or curing or determining the killers. The evening flew as one moment. Slyness, secrets & craftiness - that made the the mood for us that day. But no sooner had we left the cafe than smiles & friendliness returned to everyone obviously! :) Check the photos here.
This autumn was rich for events, but be sure - we're not going to ease off! :)

DCP preliminary results

A high-quality club encourages and celebrates member achievement, provides a supportive and fun environment, and offers a professionally organized meeting. And certainly, Toastbusters, in the person of our EC, active perspective members and soon-to-be-members, strives to achieve a variety and quality in everything that happens under the aegis of the club.

DCP is about making us highly effective. DCP is about raising the bar. DCP is about the thing, we're devoted to for the sake of the club and its place in the Area. That is why we accurately follow our progress in the program, and the end of autumn is a wonderful time to evaluate it. So here is the report: 

3 goals out of 8 possible for an undistricted (yet) club is quite a good result, but we definitely will not stop on that! New year will bring new victories and new awards for our club members! 


New Year party is coming! :)

December is traditionally a month when Moscow Toastmasters clubs review their progress, award their members, congratulate each other on another successful year and of course have fun at...
the New Year & Christmas Party! :)

And this year is not an exception! We can say even more - this year the party is held under the united Moscow Area banner! 

So if you remember the main details, like the date (Dec 12), the place ("Mu-mu" cafe near Baumanskaya metro station) and the fee ("early-bird" price - 1000 RUB), do not hesitate to register here first & then pay at the closest TM club (any of them!) meeting or via a bank transfer. 

Our Ice Breakers in Autumn

Ice Breaker is the first & the most important (sometimes scaring) step of a long Toastmasters journey for any new member. The emotions we experience during this step are exciting, thrilling & indescribable for someone:) 

Let us remember the pathfinders, who started their TM way with Toastbusters this autumn:

Olga Bazhenova, "I just called to say I love you";
Alexey Uzhva, "Let's look at people around";
Valeriy Leletko, "Breaking Average";
Anastasia Prisyazhnaya, "Being productive: tips you don't often hear".
Guys, good luck & shining speeches!

Upcoming birthdays

Olga Bazhenova - Nov 26
Evgeniya Maseeva - Dec 8
Yana Litvinova - Dec 15

Our club by-laws

Currently Toastbusters Executive Committee is actively working on the club bylaws. Bylaws will include a set of rules and regulations to control the actions of club members in terms of any activities.
Why is it important? Because nowadays we are witnessing a new wonderful chapter of Moscow Toastmasters community book: this year lays a firm foundation for all Moscow TM clubs, which is called Moscow Area! Becoming an official part of the official Area means that our club gets a bit more responsibility for what we do, a bit more official character to any club events and contests, we conduct. That is why bylaws will become a document, on which any our decision will be based. Very soon we will share them with you! :)

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