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Update from the Existential Analysis Canada Board


February 15, 2017

Dear Friends of EA Canada,

As you may have seen, our society will be holding its AGM in just under a month on March 2, 2017, at 6pm.  We will be hosting the AGM in the Robert Thompson Building #123 on the Langley campus of Trinity Western University.  There will be pizza and some drinks, so please come and join us for this important time.

There are really two main purposes of an AGM.

The first is for us - the board - to tell you about what has been happening with the society.  While you may know of some activities, there are likely many things that are happening behind the scenes that you may not know about.  And so, we’d love to tell you about our translation efforts, our international collaborations, new training opportunities, and so forth.  Lots has been happening since our last AGM in October, 2015.  So please come and hear what has happened.  An AGM is also an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to all of those who have been involved with the society.  I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Janelle Kwee, Xavier Williams, Tanya Kliefoth, Mihaela Launeanu, Beth Daley, Ama Oduro-Kwachie, and Ernest Chen, for their service this past year.  I am also deeply grateful to Sara Klinkhamer, who served on the board until August, 2016, and who will not be continuing in the coming year.

The second main purpose is to look forward and to anticipate with you what we hope to accomplish in the coming year.  I am very pleased to be able to say that the entire board has decided to remain on.  While we have accomplished some tasks, in many ways we feel like we are only really getting going now, and so it is nice to be able to continue with our efforts.  We look forward to sharing some of these plans with you.  Plans for further training opportunities, for professional development seminars and workshops, for opportunities for publication, for translation of training materials, the revamping of our website, and much more.

With respect to the next board, we are also very pleased to have received two additional nominations - Mark Busby and Kari-Ann Thor - who will be graciously letting their names stand for the election of the next board.  In order to keep the board to a manageable size, we have decided to limit the number of board members to 10.  If you were counting the names above and then added the two nominees, you will notice that we have reached this number.  Should there be others out there who wish to serve in some capacity - either on the board or in some other capacity - please send me a note.  Both self-nominations and nominations of other EA Canada members are possible.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of our society.  We look forward to welcoming you to TWU and to sharing past accomplishments and hopes for the future with you.

Derrick Klaassen, Ph.D., R.Psych.
Chair of the Board


Please join us at our AGM to review the year, plan for the future, and elect board members.

All are welcome to attend. However, only full-members will be entitled to vote on matters.

Pizza will be provided!


Date: Thursday, March 2, 2017
Time: 18:00
Place: Trinity Western University (Robert Thompson Building #123), 7600 Glover Rd, Langley, BC, V2Y 1Y1 (Click here for map).

For further information please email:

Visit by Dr. Alfried Längle

Dr. Alfried Längle will be coming to Vancouver in April, 2017. His trip will include training, supervision, and a free public lecture.

Supervision: 20 April, 2017 (Open to all EA Training Cohorts)
Training: 19 April 2017 (Training Cohort 5). 21-23 April 2017 (Training Cohort 4). 24-25 April 2017 (Training Cohort 3).
Public Lecture: 20 April 2017 (Free and Open to All). See below for details


Public Lecture

By Dr. Alfried Längle


The Splendid Loneliness:
Exploring social and intrapsychic perspectives on Narcissism

Some people feel different: they feel that they deserve special treatment and are deeply convinced of their own superiority, uniqueness, or splendor. They desire exclusivity and suffer from the inferiority of their surroundings. They are convinced about being the best and they are never at fault.

The crucial thing in this: they are forced to feel this way; no discussion is possible. Criticism is devastating and deflected. Nobody can really reach them; they are not personally present but constantly occupied with managing their self-image.

Behind this socially highly-interactive personality with its arrogance and abusive dynamic stands an empty person who cannot really be him or herself. Without access to oneself they are lost and lonely in the world and often don’t even know it. Others feel it more than them; the others suffer. How can these people be helped, why are they so, and what is their problem?



Date: 20 April, 2017
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: Cullen Family Lecture Theatre, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, B.C. (Click here for map)

Inter-American Journal on Existential Analysis

While European countries with a strong EA presence are geographically and linguistically connected, our young Canadian society is relatively isolated and many of us have been yearning for more opportunities to know and collaborate with other EA colleagues.  Working towards this goal, members from the EA communities in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Canada have been collaborating on the development of a tangible platform for our groups to communicate and collaborate through an international journal.  This journal will be an international extension of an electronic journal that has been put out by the Chilean Institute of Existential Analysis, under the leadership of Michele Croqueville, for the last few years.  

The title of the new journal is, Revista Inter-Americana de Análisis Existencial: Existencia, Vivir con Decision or The Inter-American Journal of Existential Analysis: Existence, Living with Decision, and the first online issue is scheduled for publication in mid-March 2017.  Though our North and South American countries are also separated by a significant distance and language barrier, we are working to cultivate an inter-American community of Existential Analysis through this endeavour, and I’d like to share what you can expect to see in this journal and how you can be involved!  

Description: The Inter-American Journal of Existential Analysis will be published four times annually, with each issue containing a short article (1500 words) from each participating country, one full article, and a book review.  The short articles will be released in Spanish and English and the abstract of the full article will be translated in both languages while the full article will remain in its original language.  

Authors and Readership: Contributors are all from the local EA societies or institutes of each country and the readership is intended to include non-EA professionals and those who are interested in learning about EA concepts and ideas in life and professional practice.  

Themes and Special Issues: Themes for the issues will be announced annually.  Conditions for each Fundamental Motivation are the themes for 2017.  Each issue will be dedicated to the conditions for one of the four FMs.  The issue in March deals with the themes of space, protection, and support, representing FM1.  The June issue will explore relation, time, and closeness for FM2.  And so on…     

Get connected: If you have feedback or would like to be involved, please contact me directly at  As part of the EA Society of Canada, what would you like to see published in the journal?  What are your themes of interest and expertise (couples, children, addictions, trauma, immigration, etc.)?  Are you interested in being part of the editorial committee, to serve as a reviewer, or to be an English language proofreader for the short articles which will be translated from Spanish?  

Stay tuned!  The first issue will be here shortly.  In the meantime, I welcome your feedback, questions, and interest in participating actively in this resource.  


Upcoming Training



This two-day seminar is ideal for individuals looking for...
- Professional Development geared towards Existential Psychotherapy and/or
- A Gateway to the Official Training Program to become an Existential Counsellor/Analyst under the EA Society of Canada - Affiliate of GLE International

- Topics explored in the Intro. are: Existential Analysis as psychotherapy, living with inner consent, and the structural model of Existential Analyalis or the 'Grammar of Existence'.
What: Intro. to Existential Analysis
When: February 25-26 & April 19 2017
Cost: $120 (Professionals)/$80 (Students) per day
Contact: Kari-Ann Thor ( or 604-253-5450


Existential Summit


Two hearts that beat as one: Love, relationships and couples

Drs. Alfreid Langle and Leslee Brown are hosting their annual Existential Summit in Vienna, Austria. For further details and information, click here.

Date: May 14-19, 2017
Place: Vienna, Austria
Cost: Click here for details on Full Package (Accomodation, Meals, Excursions, Seminar)

Online Workshop


Working with Depression and Burnout in an Existential Way

Dr. Alfried Längle will present two online courses on Depression and Burnout. The courses include group supervision and will be available on various dates in 2017. Click here for further details.

Existential Analysis Books

Existential Analysts Silvia Längle and Christopher Wurm have recently edited a book entitled LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE - Existential Analysis in Action, published in English. Copies are available from from EA Canada. Please contact Xavier Williams ( to purchase a copy.

What: English Version of LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE edited by Silvia Längle and Christopher Wurm
Cost: $35 + P&P
Who: Xavier Williams (


Authentic Living Workshops

Available workshops for personal and professional development covering 10 Themes: Inner Consent, Being in the World, Finding our Place, Trust, Likes and Dislikes, Grief, Boundaries, Self-Worth, Will, and Meaning.

When: Saturdays or Sundays
Time: 10:30am-4:30pm
Cost: $70 (students pay $60)

 For more Information, contact: Käri-Ann 604-253-5450 or
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