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Rich kids for higher taxes
The good news: Canadians have more than enough wealth to pay for the economic and environmental transition we need. But Canada is athe only G7 nation without an inheritance tax. We must place limits on the potential for wealth concentration, doing so means creating an opportunity for a livable planet for everyone.

Refugee docents help bring a museum's global collection to life
Attendance at the Penn Museum has shot up since the Global Guides' first tours in 2018. A third of its visitors today attend specifically to take a tour with a Global Guide, according to the institution's internal research, and the program has attracted attention throughout the museum world. Nearly a dozen other museums have asked about developing similar programs.

IT'S UP TO US - Change happens at CSI

Do you love takeout but hate waste? Come and celebrate the arrival of the new reusable alternative in Toronto! Wisebird is excited to launch Toronto’s first reusable takeout container program for restaurants. And they want you to join them. Listen to the Wisebird founders and special guests talk about the innovative solutions to our disposable plastic challenges and connect with others in this space while enjoying snacks and drinks.

SCHOOLED - Education happens at CSI

Are you an aspiring social entrepreneur looking to learn how to establish and grow your enterprise? Join us for Social Entrepreneurship 101: an 8-week, part-time intensive program that covers all aspects of social entrepreneurship, from making sure you’ve identified the right problem, to turning your solution into a sustainable business model. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, invest in your personal and professional growth, and turn your idea into impact, this is the right course for you. 

GO FOR IT - Accelerate your impact

Global Affairs Canada is looking for an Eco-friendly Waste Converter solution to treat the waste that it produces with the objective of lowering its emissions and reducing what is sent to landfills. The intent is to manage the Department’s refuse as three streams: recyclable, compostable, and waste that can be converted into fuel, thermal energy, and/or a usable product. Solutions sought through this challenge would support the third stream. Ideally, any materials that are not recyclable or compostable would become fuel or thermal energy for providing heat and hot water in GAC facilities, or a usable product.

DREAM JOB ALERT - Work in our network

EcoVadis offers an exciting, truly international opportunity to build a career while making a positive impact on the environmental and social practices of companies around the world. They are hiring a Corporate Sustainability Analyst (Portuguese speaker). The objectives of this role include:
  • Understanding of supplier assessments' main characteristics: name, scope, size, category, risk countries, activity description.
  • Identify and analyze the various elements of CSR Management systems presented in supporting documentation.
  • Follow up with suppliers if needed in order to clarify specific issues.
  • Contribution to the development and the improvement of the assessment methodology.

SAVE THE DATE - Upcoming events

February 19: Join the Centre for Social Innovation and Indie95 for a financial wellness workshop that will answer pressing questions about the differences between a Registered Retired Savings Plan (RRSP) and Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA).

February 22: Participate in the Coldest Night of the Year walkathon, a national family-friendly walk which takes place in over 145 cities all across Canada on the same day and time. The event raises funds to support people experiencing homelessness, mental health challenges, food insecurity and extreme poverty.

February 23: The House of Good Deeds welcomes you for a fun afternoon of sorting international coins for charity, and then playing a special version of Bingo with the coins for wonderful prizes! Children 7 and up are definitely welcome.

February 23: Do you have questions about what it’s like to be a lawyer and/or an entrepreneur? Join Caryma S'ad over Montreal-style bagels and cream cheese for a conversation about setting and executing career goals.

February 25: Join CSI and an esteemed community of activators and collaborators who support women entrepreneurs as we celebrate women entrepreneurs who put people and planet first.

March 12: Join Decimal Lab for Aging and the Digital: Developing Ethical Social Support Tech for Seniors. The goal of this free event is to highlight ethical design strategies for robots and other technologies that are becoming more pervasive and autonomous.​


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