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To isolate or not to isolate….that is the question

Dental teams across the country remain confused or at best hesitant when it comes to the question of whether a fully vaccinated team member needs to self-isolate or not should a household member test positive for Covid.
There is no specific guidance for the dental team and the situation is currently as follows:

  1. Those who are in mixed practice (i.e. have an NHS component): the additional guidance drawn up by the NHS will apply if they are living in the same household with a positive COVID-19 case. They will be asked not to come to work.
  2. Those who are in fully private practice:  will need to decide whether they follow the less stringent government guidance or the NHS guidance. Should they choose to follow the government guidance they will need to be able to justify their decision to attend work with a full risk assessment.

Dentistry involves being in very close contact with patients, some of whom may be from vulnerable groups, for prolonged periods of time. It makes sense then that should we choose not to isolate, a thorough risk assessment should be carried out to ensure that any benefit to patients outweighs the risk of transmitting Covid to a patient. It would be wise to have this discussion with your team, take advice from an expert, and have a definite policy drawn up and in place before the situation arises. 

(Watch this space and the Members’ area of the website for more on this and other topics.)

GDC in the news again - Computer says “records have been deleted”

A recent report shows our regulator struggling once again with the concept of transparency. The report raises yet more questions as to how the GDC just keeps on ‘getting away with it’.

How does a public organisation simply ‘delete’ records, which in any other organisation would be retained as evidence of fiscal due diligence? 

Where is the accountability to registrants who fund the GDC?
‘Why Pensions are more than just retirement funds’

Pensions have always played a crucial role in financial planning. They are often the largest pot of wealth a person will have, and as such will be the focus of how they will finance their retirement.

However, pensions are just one way of funding a post-work lifestyle and with the right financial planning strategies, they can be used to support intergenerational wealth transfers in a tax efficient way.

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday 29th September at 6.30pm. This will be hosted by Quilter’s Dinesh Bharwani who will be discussing retirement planning and pensions for dental professionals. 
Welcome to Pat Langley

We are very fortunate, and extremely pleased, to be able to welcome Pat Langley of Apolline to the BAPD team. Pat has very kindly agreed to work with us in keeping up to date with Covid guidelines and compliance matters for the dental team. We look forward to working with Pat and having her on hand to answer the questions that keep coming up.
Enhanced PPE - are we stuck with this forever?

The uncertainty with regard to the future of enhanced PPE and protocols in dentistry continues, but we are hopeful that we will soon have some clarity. Following a recent meeting with Anna Ireland, National Lead for Dental Public Health, we understand that rather than just guidelines for Covid, the next IPC update will encompass guidelines for respiratory infections in general in a manner that will also allow for proper winter planning. A Dental Appendix will then be developed from that document.
 Thank you to all our Sponsors and Industry supporters for their ongoing help and support.
Membership - please encourage colleagues

If you haven’t already joined, what are you waiting for? Joining the BAPD Facebook group alone is not enough. We want you to be a member of the organisation, not just a person who has joined another social media group. By registering and paying the membership fee you effectively give us the right to speak up for what you believe and you demonstrate that you believe in what we are fighting for. Let’s continue to stand together.

Join today if you haven’t already, or pass this on to a colleague who needs to join and tell them to click HERE

As always, we urge you to get involved in discussions and actively protect all of our futures.

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