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Welcome to the Spiral Wisdom Newsletter

I am an educator, counselor and healer.
In each edition I plan to share strategies and tips, as well as concepts that you might find
surprising. This edition includes information on the communication aspects of Managing Meltdowns as well as my Report from Sedona. The linked article in the left column will teach you how to heal your inner child.


Managing Meltdowns

As you read more from the conference by speaker Deborah Lipsky, these definitions will be helpful:
ASD = Autism Spectrum Disorders
Neurotypicals = those without ASD
Pragmatic language = the meaning of what is said
OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (repetitive thoughts and/or actions)
Communicating and Scripting
Avoid phrases that offer no time frame which lead to anxiety: Maybe, We'll see, If you're good.

Those with ASD have pragmatic difficulties so it often sounds like brutal honesty. They appreciate clear, concise messages that many neurotypicals would perceive as rude or abrasive.

Neurotypicals communicate via inferences, ASD talk with facts. These individuals are black or white. They want to problem solve, not discuss feelings. Teaching feelings is fine, but it doesn’t seem relevant to them during a problem.
Using the terms “now” and “yes/no” are very helpful. For instance, “Are you thirsty now? Yes or No? …….. Would you like water or juice?”

If you are about to do errands, consider the script: “We will stop at the store for milk and eggs on the way to dance class.” (If you later deviate from this plan it will be perceived as unsafe and there will likely be a meltdown.)
If you ask, “Do you want hot dogs and beans or steak, potatoes and peas for dinner?” you are really offering more than 2 choices and the individual may not know how to answer and will then be silent. If the individual is confused or doesn’t understand something then they will hear nothing after that point. Instead, keep it simple and specific: name 2-3 entrees for choosing, then offer choices for 2-3 side dishes. 
If there is frustration, take a break and then (more clearly) reiterate your thoughts.
If the individual asks “What if?” they are not being defiant, they are requesting more script to alleviate their anxiety. Give the new script for the concerns. Example: “We will go to the zoo. If the zoo is closed then we will go to the park instead.” In the world of autism, the individual is really not as upset about the loss of the zoo as the loss of the plan (the script).
Realize that these individuals are living frightened all the time. Familiarity and feeling in control feels like safety. Their rituals may look like OCD, but their rituals actually do calm. Their meltdowns might look random or insolent, but they are responses to their inner tension and fear.
Please visit the Newsletter Archives link in the left column to access last month's article on Managing Meltdowns. 

Lessons I've Learned

Many individuals, especially those on the spectrum, can’t use two senses simultaneously. So don’t expect this individual to look at you while you talk to them. If you want them to hear you, expect that they will look away. 

Another issue that was described is face blindness. They have excellent peripheral vision, but poorer central vision. So to see something they must get very close.

A third factor is that eye contact can be perceived as a sign of aggression and therefore instinctively avoided.
Sit next to or diagonally from this individual rather than directly across.
Social stories may be too vague and abstract. Have them practice scenarios. Realize that social and conversational skills are hard because of the many rules/expectations.

Tips for Sensitives

Sensitives have acute awareness in several or all of the 5 senses, as well as intuition and empathy. 

Many of us are feeling the acceleration of change as we move into this era of cooperation. We are often drawn to personally clear that which no longer serves us. Sometimes it feels like hard work. Sometimes it feels daunting and even frightening. Consider these two phrases: 
I don't need to recognize; just release.

I don't need to understand; just allow. 

We don't need to carry the wounds from our childhood, or even our past lives, any longer. And the healing doesn't require re-living that which was already uncomfortable.
Let it go. Release and allow. 
Chakra work at the Seven Sacred Pools

Chakra Work at the Seven Sacred Pools

At this site we took turns partnering with a fellow attendee (there were 14 of us total) analyzing questions that correspond to each of the 7 main chakras (energy centers) in the body. Powerful work!

We spent all day here, seated in a vortex. We packed in our lunches and used nature's "facilities". This location really resonated for me; I am drawn to rock, earth and cave-type dwellings. I loved sitting in this nook and doing the work. Thank you Karlta for providing the guidance for us. I am fortunate to have participated in this life-changing experience. 

Upon my return my husband asked, "What's next?" While I'm not sure, I expect there will be future mind body spirit conferences with continuation of my personal work to fully trust and follow my inner guidance as I learn to release and allow.

Favorite Quotes

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.
Albert Einstein

I now pronounce you agents of conscious evolution.
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Sedona validation

Sedona Validation

During my earliest meditations, at a time when I had only the vaguest knowledge of mind-body-spirit and spirituality concepts, I repeatedly saw a symbol flash across my inner vision. I kept seeing a spiral in my mind, and when I tried to research the meaning (before internet searching) I kept coming up blank (except some mathematical references). 

I struggled to determine the meaning of this spiral symbol and finally assumed that it had some unknown, personal significance. Ten years later when I began my private practice I used the spiral as the basis of my business name (Spiral Wisdom LLC), and I therapeutically use the symbolism of change and knowledge spiraling inward and outward. 

The picture above is the identical shape and configuration of the spiral that repeatedly became visible to me during my meditations. Seeing this (MY) spiral on a wall at the V Bar V Ranch in Sedona was a full circle moment for me. This spiral was carved into the petroglyph wall probably 1000 years ago at what is believed to be a ceremonial site, on the "women's wall". Can you even imagine my giddiness? I felt very validated! 
Petroglyph Wall in Sedona

Petroglyph Wall in Sedona

At the V Bar V Ranch (US Forest Service). Carved (not painted) by the Southern Sinagua Indians 1150-1400 C.E. 

This photo was taken at the petroglyph wall. These "stair steps" are believed to be corn-crop planting timelines. The sun shines on each step - early spring, late spring and mid summer - notifying the people to plant. The zigzag is said to signify a storm and the spiral the water draining. But we recognized that the water wouldn't drain in that direction and I feel strongly that the spiral is indicative of a ceremony that occurred with, or following, the harvest.  
Sunrise Meditation and Ceremony on 12/12/12

Sunrise on 12/12/12

The Era of Cooperation
Number patterns and 11s have felt significant for many years. It felt important for me to be in Sedona for 12/12/12, during this shift of planetary consciousness.

above photo was taken after we had completed our ceremonial meditation on the airport mesa vortex, as the sun rose on 12/12/12.

If you add the numbers of this date, 12-12-2012 you reach a sum of 11 which equals 2. Two is the number for cooperation.

Two was a significant number for us that morning: One of our group lives in Sedona and as she drove up to the mesa before sunrise 2 deer crossed the road before her car. Just after sunrise we saw the vapor trails of 2 airplanes; then 2 beautiful yellow birds flew nearby; a short time later 2 ravens flew above our heads.

This does indeed feel as if we have entered a new era. You can read more about how we are leaving separation / duality to enter unity and oneness in my February newsletter.
Vortex image

Vortex Image

Most of Sedona's vortexes are generalized locations of energy. The oval shape and other markings in the photo of this rock were not carved or drawn. This is the pattern that develops where energy flows directly from earth.

Our group was fortunate to actually sit in front of a vortex located near this one. (And its markings were nearly identical.) Sitting on the vortex was a phenomenal experience and most of us felt blissful relaxation while there. Each of us took turns and limited ourselves to about 15 minutes so we would not have a "healing crisis". Energy healing can be more than our physical 3-D bodies can handle efficiently, and it often creates a rapid detoxification which feels like muscle aches, exhaustion, etc. No worries: rest, good nutrition, hydration and time will support the body during its healing.
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