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Final ENVRI PLUS report

After 51 months of hard work, ENVRIplus project is officially over. And it left a huge amount of results behind. Through an organisation of a very large number of activities, workshops, internal and external consultations, we managed to create many new tools and services mainly for the benefits of the participating Research Infrastructures.

ENVRIplus confirmed that:

  1. Collaborative development saves effort, resources, and creates better services
  2. Coordination of heterogenous environmental Research Infrastructure field has great potential
  3. “Soft” developments can be extremely beneficial for the impact of the Research Infrastructures
  4. Joint strategic actions make the ENVRIResearch Infrastructures better suited for societal and science impact

Browse or download the report and explore the main results as well as their exploitation and dissemination.


3rd periodic report

ENVRIplus coordination office also submitted the 3rd and final periodic report summarising the progress of the project. This is a very detailed report summarising all activities happening in one of the 19 Work Packages during the last 19 months of the project.

Download the report

The Coordination team would like to thank everyone who worked hard with us in this exciting and very important project!!!


ENVRI-FAIR website launched

ENVRI-FAIR website ( is now up and running. It is integrated within the ENVRI community platform ( While ENVRI-FAIR hosts mainly the project related information and news, ENVRI community platform shares all the information and documentation concerning the Environmental Research Infrastructures. The content, especially in the document section, will be added gradually.

Remember you can submit your news through the community platform and we will help to disseminate them for you. Simply go to and submit your news


What is ENVRI week?

ENVRI week is a week dedicated to Environmental Research Infrastructures. During the runtime of the ENVRI-FAIR project it is organized once a year. ENVRI week hosts ENVRI-FAIR project related sessions as well as several other sessions targeting different groups of stakeholders.


An outline of the preliminary agenda can be downloaded from here. A detailed session agenda will be available soon.


The registration site can be accessed here. Please, register as soon as possible, at the latest by 6th January 2020. By registering, you only confirm your attendance to ENVRI week. It does not secure you the accommodation. 

Meeting venue

Hotel Elbflorenz Dresden, Rosenstraße 36, 01067 Dresden, Phone: +49 351 8640-0 (reception), Website

More information can be found on the ENVRI-FAIR website here
Remember to use #ENVRIweek hashtag when you talk about the event

DO NOTICE THE OPEN ENVRI COMMUNITY MEETING ORGANIZED ON THURSDAY - the main mission of the meeting is to inform and engage the entire ENVRI community, including the Research Infrastructures not directly participating in ENVRI-FAIR. We will present the activities within ENVIR-FAIR  and discuss how other RIs can benefit from them. The meeting is right before BEERi.

ENVRI communications

New ENVRI landscape illustration brought to life with Augmented Reality

Download the ZAPPAR app from your app store, scan the Zappar code on the lower right corner of the illustration below and learn more about the environmental Research Infrastructures.
The Augmented reality will be utilized especially in the ENVRI community booths (for the first time next week at GEO week in Canberra).


GEDE Webinar on the EOSC Process with the Chairs of two EOSC Working Groups

7th of November from 15:00 CET
Sarah Jones, chair of the EOSC FAIR WG, and Jean-Francois Abramatic, chair of the EOSC Architecture WG, will be ready to answer all possible questions which come from the audience regarding the steps for the next phase of EOSC.
Read more about the event here

GEO week, Canberra

ENVRI community and ENVRI-FAIR will have its own booth in Canberra, promoting the "European hub to environmental and Earth system in situ data". We are also participating in the organisation of a co-located event discussing "Data for our planet: Increasing the use and value of global information infrastructures to support resilient cities, disaster risk reduction, infectious diseases, climate change action and biodiversity and ecosystems sustainability"

American Geophysical Union, San Francisco

Sessions (co)organized by ENVRI RIs
  • Co-sponsored session by EMSO ERIC – AGU Session OS007 – Cooperative research strategies for ocean observatory infrastructures to support the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
  • Joint ICOS and U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program session – B054 – Forging Linkages in Carbon Cycle Science
Other relevant sessions
  • IN017 – Communities, Tools and Policies that Enable Integration of Earth, Space and Environmental Science Data and Cyberinfrastructures

RISCAPE International Landscape Report launch event

The Report is the main result of the RISCAPE project and illustrates the position of the European RIs by research area in the international RIs landscape. All fields of ESFRI activities are considered: Energy, Environment, Health & Food, Physical Sciences & Engineering, Social and Cultural Innovation and e-infrastructures.

The event will be a great occasion to get all the information regarding the Report, with a specific introduction and illustration of the methodology realised by the authors of the Report, namely the partners of RISCAPE project. The participants will have also the possibility to exchange opinions, good practices and express tricky points during an interactive debate in the afternoon session.

A final event can be the start point for further actions and collaborations!
More information about the event can be found here

European Geosciences Union

ENVRI-FAIR will have its own session there:
  • ESSI3.5 - Breaking down the silos: enabling Open and convergent research and e-infrastructures to answer global challenges; Convener: Daniela Franz; Co-conveners: Ari Asmi, Helen Glaves, Lesley Wyborn
Other relevant sessions:
  • BG1.10 - Whole system approached in addressing long-term changes in Ecosystem; Co-sponsored by eLTER and ILTER; Convener: Michael Mirtl; Co-conveners: Jaana Bäck, Giorgio Matteucci, Daniel Orenestein
  • BG1.11 - Linking terrestrial and aquatic domains with long-term observations and experimentation; Co-sponsored by CL2/HS13, AQUACOSM and eLTER; Convener: Jens C Nejstgaard; Co-conveners: Jaana Bäck, Katharina Makower, Terhi Rastilo
  • GI3.5 - Airborne observations, campaigns, application and future plans; Convener: Thomas Ruhtz; Co-conveners: Paola Formenti and Phil Brown
  • EOS4.6 - How to build a sense of community in a distributed multinational science-driven networks; Convener: Magdalena Brus, Co-conveners: Katri Ahlgren

Inform us if you wish to promote other relevant EGU sessions. 

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