Fleas, food and FORLS oh my! Here is our latest edition of the FAMC newsletter! 

Feline Oral Resportive Lesions

More commonly called FORL's, these "kitty cavities" are extremely fusterating for both owners and veterinarians, and painful for cats.  We are not certain of what causes these lesions on cat teeth, but they can occur even when you are providing the best at home dental care possible (we aren't saying not to use t/d dental diet or brush your cat's teeth, these things help prevent periodontal disease.) Read More...

Dr. B's Veterinary Buzz:

The always entertaining and educational musings of our very own Dr. Beth Scheenstra! 

Pet of the Quarter:

This is "Halsey" Sorensen! Here is what Halsey's parents have to say about him: "Halsey", aka Admiral Halsey, began his life as an able seadog, along with his sibling Admiral Nimitz.  Racing around the decks, encouraging growth and strengthening muscles, Halsey has always been a “rocket”...Read More.

CET Hextra Chews

For daily use in dogs as a chew to help remove plaque and reduce tartar.
These rawhide chews are coated in a dilute chlorhexidine solution to help kill the bacteria that causes tartar, and dogs love the taste. Come pick some up today!

Top 10 Tips for Flea Control Success!

Fleas. We often don't see them on our pets, but our poor critters keep scratching and scratching. In our area it is a year round problem, but can worsen in the spring and summer for some pets. It can be very frustrating trying to control a flea infestation once they get into your home; you feel like you can't get ahead, or you will get one pet comfortable, then another will start scratching. Here are 10 tips to make your pet and home flea free! 

Human Foods That Are Dangerous for Dogs and Cats
Summer will soon be here (if this rain ever lets up). The season of barbaques and family gatherings, when pets may be getting into foods that they do not commonly have access to. This article from goes over many foods that are dangerous to your pet. Read More...

The ABC's of Parvovirus
We have had reports of several Parvo positive dogs coming into both veterinary clinics in Anacortes. Parvo is a highly contagious, potentially fatal disease, but is easily preventable. We want to make sure you have the facts about what it is, how to protect your puppy and what to do if your puppy shows signs of the disease. Read More...

Presentation at the Anacortes Boys & Girls Club

We had the privilege of sending one of our staff members to the Boys & Girls club of Anacortes to talk to kids about veterinary medicine. Annie Pulzone, one of our licensed technicians explained what it is that technicians do in a veterinary hospital and her dog Tesh came along for support; Tesh was a big hit with the kids. A licensed vet tech is essentially the RN of the veterinary world. They induce and monitor patients under anesthesia, place IV catheters, assist with surgery, perform dental cleanings on pets and provide client education to pet owners, among many other duties. Veterinary technicians have the opportunity to pursue a specialty or further certification in their field as well; Annie is currently taking classes to become a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner and we will soon be offering rehabilitation of small animals at FAMC. At Fidalgo Animal Medical Center we are fortunate to have 3 Licensed Veterinary Technicians, as well as 2 wonderful Veterinary Assistants that help with your pet’s care. You can see pictures of staff and read their bio’s on our website,

**If you have a group or class that would like to have a member of our team come in to talk about veterinary medicine, please e-mail us at**

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